Sunday, 3 November 2013

Do You Know That The Cemetery is the Wealthiest Place on Earth? [By Bello Timilehin]

This stands as a fact because there in the cemetery are books that were never written, in the grave yard, there are music that were never heard, there are poetry that were never being read, In the cemetery we have dreams that died as night mares. In the graveyard there are schools that never opened.

In the grave yard, there are great men who died as alcoholics, In the grave yard there are great women who died as prostitute and drug addicts. The grave yard is so wealthy.

It is that same grave yard that made me write this, because I don't want the grave yard to get an awesome treasure. I wrote this to tell you, Don't take your dreams, your books, your vision, your ideas to the cemetry. I wrote this to help you die empty. I wrote this because I want you to disappoint the cemetry. I want you to die like a man that said "I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. SEE YOU AT THE TOP!!!!!

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