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Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet the World's Hottest Male Bodies

We have pulled a number of celebrities from all over the world including Nigeria and of course, these are men who have taken more than a passing interest in their physique as made manifest by their masculine outlook and well carved physiques.

Ikechukwu: Right from the moment Ikechukwu was dubbed Son of the Soil up till the moment his popularity earned him the name International Killz, Ikechukwu’s macho physique has always been a major source of concern to those on his black-list. The rapper’s black belt reputation in Karate is also one of the reasons he has been able to maintain such an amazing physique.

Henry Cavill: There is nothing ordinary about Cavill's body, star of the latest Superman movie and fantasy film The Immortals. The British actor beefed up for Man of Steel using the same gruelling workouts as the US National Guard, training with dumbbells that were bigger than his head.

Peter Okoye: One look is all that is required to submit to the visual testimony that Peter Okoye of P-Square’s masculine physique represents. The word average would fall under the canopy of an insult if ever used to describe Peter’s physique. His female fans know this and this perhaps explains why the screams and cheers get louder whenever he sheds his shirt on stage.

Ryan Gosling: Emma Stone's character in Crazy Stupid Love wasn't wrong when she exclaimed "Seriously? It's like you're Photoshopped!" the moment Gosling took off his shirt. It even led Cosmopolitan to ponder what was the secret behind his universal sexiness. Core strength, according to his trainer.

Hugh Jackman: Women the world over have drooled over Wolverine, but Hugh Jackman's wife isn't actually a fan of the body he has worked so hard to achieve. He says he eats 6,000 calories for 8 hours of each day, and fasts for the other 16 hours. But Deborra-Lee Furness says her husband looks photoshopped in the flesh. PA Photo/Fox UK.

David Beckham: Since he began modelling underwear, men's pants have revealed themselves to be a recession-busting item, nicknamed the Becks effect. His photographs for H&M have become iconic, with his toned torso and extensive body art.

Justin Bieber: The 19-year-old knows how to please his fans, by sharing 'shirtless selfies' of his young physique on Twitter. Bieber is now believed to have at least 16 tattoos, with the latest a drawing of his mum's eye - 'always watching'.

Channing Tatum: Men who have been forced to watch 'that' film about male strippers with their wives and girlfriends have been left envying Tatum's body, with male health and fitness magazines showing them how to follow the 'Magic Mike diet'. He underwent a strict regime again for his latest film, Fighting, but this time he had to shed the weight to make him look more agile.

Bradley Cooper: He made a big impression sitting alongside pal Gerard Butler at the 2013 Wimbledon final. But long before that, Cooper had reeled in female fans across the globe by shaping up for the Hangover. He then truly won us over when he played smooth-talking con man Face in The A-Team, involving plenty of shirtless shots of his pecs and abs.

The British and Irish Lions: Yes, we have selected the entire team who in one photoshoot during the tour to Australia laid to rest all the old images of rugby players sporting beer bellies and battered faces. The squad splashed down after a training session in Perth, showing off their rippling torsos before winning the 2013 Test Series. Pictured are Paul O'Connell (L), Tommy Bowe and Jonathan Davies (R).

Scott Edward Adkins: There are several words to describe Scott’s physique (hurled into international prominence after his role as Yuri Boyka in the movie – Undisputed II: Last Man Standing) and soft would never be one of such words. Anyone who has seen the movie, Undisputed 3: Redemption knows how intimidating Boyka’s physique is – His speed and fighting abilities are a story for an entire book. Does the line: “I am the most complete fighter in the world” sound familiar?

Harry Styles: The teenage heartthrob has reportedly been trying to improve his beach body, and hasn't been doing too badly so far. Styles has ditched sweet treats while One Direction are on the American leg of the band's 'Take Me Home' world tour.

Tom Daley: The Olympic diver is only 19 but is no stranger to having his photo taken. He has posed in varying states of undress for numerous magazines and newspapers, showing off his athletic body in his usual pair of tiny Speedos.

Jake Gyllenhaal: The actor shot to fame as Donnie Darko and grabbed the attention of the ladies in Jarhead. But it was when he took on the role of the Prince of Persia he transformed his body with a training programme that added size and strength to his frame.

Louis Smith: The striking Team GB gymnast admits being a professional athlete isn't easy. In the run up to the London 2012 Olympics he would spend every day training on the apparatus - even a warm up would take him a full hour.

Daniel Craig: The blond hunk brought a muscular edge to the role of James Bond when he first starred in Casino Royale, surprising the critics when he appeared in 'that' ocean scene. Not only did Craig's itsy bitsy pair of blue La Perla trunks turn Bond from a male icon into a female fantasy, but they later fetched £44,000 at a Christie's auction.

Mark Wahlberg: He has always been in great shape but it was for his starring role as American boxer Micky Ward in The Fighter that the Hollywood star got superfit. Meanwhile his co-star Christian Bale looked emanciated as he barely ate anything to shed pounds for the role of Ward's drug addict brother Dickie Ecklund.

Harrysong: At first glance, it is hard to tell if this Nigerian singer and music producer spends more time making music or building a body that’s carved and well defined but the quality of his music speaks for itself and so does his physique, which ladies easily give the sexy tag.

Iyanya: How many times has this singer turned the crowd of gentlemen and ladies into a pool of sensual frenzy by showing off his physique. There are so many words to describe his physique and ‘exciting’ should naturally make the list of first 10 of such names.

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