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Monday, November 25, 2013

Movie Director Joke [In Pidgin English]


One movie producer been dey use person house shoot movie.

They needed someone to act the role of a gate man so they offered Akpors who happened to be the house-boy at the house some money to act the role.

The director gave Akpors a brand new cutlass and told him to give a pretense chase behind the star actor who was acting the role of a thief.

"If you hear me say "action," make you run after am o, just do as I say... you hear."

Akpors nodded in affirmation. Na em Director shout "action," star actor take off and Akpors begin chase am round the compound, as dem dey reach fence na so director shouted "cut, cut, cut."

As we dey talk now, star actor still dey Specialist Hospital o. Abeg, who get fault?

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