Friday, 6 December 2013

Meet Nigerians Whose Manner of Mourning Nelson Mandela's Death Made Me Laugh

Hi all, here's a message from a reader of the blog on how some Nigerians reacted to Nelson Mandela's demise:

I'm not happy at all. What's all these crap for? Must we all write about Nelson Mandela? Why are some people behaving like they had a handshake with Mandela before he passed on huh?

See grammar on top say mandela die: **painful exist!**

**Shocking lose!**

**Mandela is gun!**

**We will mix u!**

**Braking news!**

**Foreva on our hats...

I just saw someone who wrote:

"Why are the goodd actors dying? What is Nollywood turning to. R.I.P Mandela, I'll miss your film." Must we all talk?
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