Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Things Mandela Must Tell Chinua Achebe, Ojukwu, M.K.O Abiola, Fela, Saro Wiwa, Awolowo, Yar'Adua, Abacha, Others

Dear Nelson Mandela, please when you get to d world beyond, tell Herbert Malculay that the party he founded has been turned to People Destroying Party.

Tell Obafemi Awolowo that we now pay school fees without going to school.

Help me and tell Nnamdi Azikiwe that the long wall to democracy he built has fallen, only the cracked fence still stands.

Tell Chief Anthony Enaharo that the independent nation he fought for is no more.

Tell Alh. Ahmadu Bello that our judicial system now favours only the rich.

Also tell Baba Fela that Terry G is the new Afro Beat king and we are still suffering and smiling.

Tell Muritala Mohammed that we still use kerosene to cook and candles to see.

Tell King Jaja of Opobo that we are still slaves in our own country.

Tell Chinua Achebe that things fall apart more now.

Tell Prof. Iyayi that Federal Govt paid N200 Billion into ASUU account but we never see alert.

Tell Ojukwu biafra country is not formed yet we are still one Nigeria.

Please tell Saro Wiwa that his South South youths are still jobless and cashless.

Tell Dele Giwa that the Nigerian press has been bought with money.

Tell Gani Fawehinmi that masses are still suffering in the hands of wicked government of Nigeria.

Tell MKO that no good election since he died.

God pls send your angels with Ak47 to destroy all Nigeria enemies.

Also tell Gen. Sani Abacha that the legacy of theiving nation is fast growing.

Then tell Musa Yaradua that GEJ is getting worse by the day.

Tell them that we need a quick reply to this letter...

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