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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nigeria's U.K-Based Professional Hair Consultant, Bisola Iyasara Speaks on Her Passion For Hair, Her Clients and Her Support For Nollywood Actor, Jibola Dabo's Political Ambition

In this exciting interview, Nigeria's U.K-based hair specialist, Bisola Iyasara delves into every aspect of her hair business, her company, 'Bisola Hair,' how it all began, prominent personalities who inspire her, her growing league of high profile clients, how she became a beauty queen in 2011 and her unshaken support for the political ambition of Nollywood actor, Jibola Dabo; who recently declared his ambition to contest for the Ondo State House of Assembly in 2015.

Are you wondering whom her favourite Nigerian fashion designer is? Well, the pretty CEO also revealed this and many more.


Hello Bisola Iyasara, What do you do?

I'm a international speaker/professional hair specialist, consultant and CEO of Bisola's Hair. I get booked part-time to speak at Nigerian government functions and events here in New York and London.

In what capacity are you working with Nollywood actor, Jibola Dabo?

Nollywood Actor Jibola Dabo who is known for his good acting in English and Yoruba arm of the Nollywood movie industry and he recently declared his ambition to represent Owo-Ose constituency of Ondo State in the Federal House of Assembly in the 2015 general elections and he has chosen me to be his spokesperson for his campaign.

Interesting! Back to your hair brand - What types of hair do you sell?

Bisola Hair sells Mongolian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Cambodian, Brazilian virgin human hair, Silk top in-stock/ custom-made order invincible, undetectable natural hair-line, Virgin wigs, authentic highest grade good quality celebrity, glueless Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Ciara two tone, Ombre full lace wigs, French lace, Swiss lace, Raw hair, bleach knots, double knots, single knots, hand tied weft, machine made weave at affordable prices. Bisola Hair also specializes in medical hair loss lace wigs for ladies that are suffering from severe damage hair line, alopecia and cheompherpy.

What prompted you to go into your current line of business?

I love hair. I'm very passionate about anything to do with hair, so I took a hair course in hair therapy and consultancy in New York, passed and now I'm a qualified hair specialist.

Who inspires you?

A lot of things inspire me. I love successful ladies who have done well in life, and made a fantastic name and brand for themselves; for example Victoria Beckham, Tyra Banks & Oprah Winfrey. I think these ladies are `Amazing.'

What are your hobbies?

I like reading, interacting, socializing and researching a lot.
I also love creating new lace wigs with beautiful highlights, ombre & two tone custom hair styles for my wonderful customers.

What is your favourite look?

I love the sophisticated hair glam look.
A lot of my custom-made stock custom Peruvian, Mongolian, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Brazilian virgin hair are inspired by super hot ladies like Beyonce, Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian.
90% of my customers all want to look glamorous and have that perfect diva hair look.
I love my customers. They always want the best hair, and I always give them just that.

Who are your clients?

My clients range from Nigerian governors' wives/daughters to Nigerian celebrities and Nollywood actresses.

Can you tell us some of your biggest clients names?

Sure, there are hundreds of fabulous Nigerian ladies wearing Bisola Hair, but I'll tell you the most recent big clients names i've been giving permission to use their names in this interview. Just two days ago, senator Florence Ita Giwa purchased the Bisola Hair. She rang me personally and was very happy telling me "Bisola your Peruvian virgin hair is very good quality. So soft- fantastic good hair, no shedding, no tangles, no knotting hair."

I was so thrilled with senator Ita Giwa comments; especially coming from a top lady who wears original 100% human hair. It meant a lot to me.

Another lovely high profile customer of mine is Nollywood Actress Ini Edo. Yesterday, when she received my hair, we chatted on the phone she said she was very happy with my 24 inch, Mongolian virgin silky hair weave, and in her next photo shoot Ini Edo said she'll shoot wearing the Bisola Hair.
Once again, I was very pleased, as these fabulous ladies love and are wearing the Bisola hair.

I have quite a lot of Nollywood Actresses now wearing the Bisola hair, like the Gorgeous Mercy Aibge, Pretty Nkiru Sylvanus, Sexy Angela Okorie and the stunning babe Biola Ige.

What has been your most remarkable experience on the field?

I've met great people, who've become wonderful hair customers.

How do you attract customers?

Honestly speaking, 90% of our happy customers come from recommendations, refferals from customers who have purchased the bisola hair in the past. I guess the rest is from buy human hair lace wigs online google, facebook and twitter.

What's your perception of the fashion industry in Nigeria

Nigerian fashion is brilliant. I just love it!! Very colorful and good material patterns.

Who is your favorite Nigerian fashion designer?

There's a few Bunmi collections, Yvonne Nwosu, wow these ladies designs are real nice, very original, very classy!

Have you ever felt like giving up at any point in your life?

No never, I'm a strong believer in God. God never fails in those that believe in him and work hard.

You became a beauty queen in 2011, how did it all happen?

I was asked to enter a beauty pagent from my previous beauty modelling jobs.
I entered one, won a few modeling contracts, like advertising for skin care products, lip sticks etc.
It was a lovely experience, so nice to be a beauty queen. (Smiles)

You live in New York and London, how does it feel like, being a Nigerian entrepreneur in a foreign place.

Well, London is where I was born in, and New York I live in, so it's not foreign at all to me.
My hair customers love the bisola hair so I guess that keeps me going and producing wonderful top hair style celebrity custom full lace wigs unit systems online.

Your advice for women who want to go into business

Having your own business is very good, but be prepared for a lot of hard work, a lot of competition.
Always be optimistic, always put your customers first, be friendly have a good customer service and be very creative having "NEW" ideas all the time.
BB-PIN 2779F196
Whatsapp LONDON office +447943 025 864
NEW YORK Office +13473542005

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  1. Cool. Shows that dreams can always be achieved. Thumbs up to her

  2. Bisola's case clearly shows that not everyone must sing or become an actress to feel fulfilled.

  3. Well done Bisola. I'm a huge fan of her and BisolaHair. Best hair brand. All her hairs are DIVA Hairs.

  4. Gorgeous bisola congrats to you as Jibola Dabo SpokesPerson of house of reps Ondo State. Jibola to WIN

  5. Good interview. She's a real role model to young ladies in Nigeria. These are the interviews and stories I want to read. Not those useless girls who go up and down with different men begging men for money. To those girls who are not into nothing. Get A JOB like Bisola. Real eye opener interview. UP Bisola Iyasara, I think she's great! You got my vote Jibola Dabo.

  6. Finally! The fresh face of a pretty Nigerian who believes she can achieve her dreams without going nude. Wonderful!


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