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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tobore Mit Ovuorie Blows Hot on Nigeria's Anti-Gay Laws and the Hypocrites Involved

I decided to check on my versatile writer and award-winning journalist pal, Tobore Ovuorie and guess what, I caught her in the middle of baring her mind of Nigeria's anti-gay laws and those she considered 'hypocrites' involved.

She said:

I honestly wanted to remain silent on Nigeria's latest madness- anti-gay marriage law. But based on many people poking questions at me over this, here's my ONLY response to this national smokescreen and you can quote me anywhere...

"The irony of it all is that the same people making the law patronise male sex workers! This is no hear say, some male sex workers who have law makers and pastors as their regular clients are my friends! I have even seen them being picked by and know about their intimate activities with these pretentious law makers and their fellow Bible thumping ilks!"

Sorry for disrupting your evening...just need to state my stand on this to curb further questions on this matter. Thanks. Have a fantastic evening ahead!

Tobore Mit Ovuorie

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  1. Yes, agreed!... We all know that. It doesn't mean there shouldn't be a law in place. Lets start somewhere.

  2. I agree. This sexual menace must nit be allowed to thrive in this clime. It spells doom for us all.


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