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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Have You Ever Said Any of These or believe in it?

Not all hausas are muslims

Not all Igbos are catholics

Not all muslims are terrorists

Not all Igbos love money

Not all girls go to Italy for prostitution

Not all politicians are corrupt

Not all Tomboys are lesbian

Not all Ebiras are aggressive

Not all kenyans are dark andskinny

Not all guys from warri are sharp

Not all girls that dress semi-nude are sluts

Not all guys jilt

Not all girls are liars

Not every successfulcelebrity is in the 'Illuminati'

Not all rich kids are spoilt

Not all girls have sex to buy their expensive stuffs

Not all Ijebus are stingy

Not all guys with big penis are good in bed

Not every Nigerian teenager is rude

Some of the girls you danced with at the club are Virgins

Some of the girls in your church have had sex

Never use the action of a group of people to judge an entire race, country or establishment. Period!

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