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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beyonce: A Tabernacle of Lies [Her Many Lies]

About two years ago, I wrote a piece with this very same title and for a long while, I have stayed silent over the personality and controversies surrounding popular singer, Beyonce Knowles.
I know for a fact that she is deeply loved not just by Americans who have come to adore her but by Nigerians, Europeans, Asians and so many other Africans who consider her to be one of the best things to ever happen to music internationally and this indeed, amazingly impressive.

I do not have a single problem with this but what I have a leaves lines of worry on my face are the controversies and avalanche of lies that have been allegedly told either directly or indirectly by this multi-award winning singer.
If you’re a fan of Beyonce, I urge you not to be broken-hearted after reading this article. Rather, take a seat, grab a cocktail, glass of milk, Cola Cola, juice or whatever drink you have a preference for and follow me into subsequent paragraphs.

In case you didn’t know, besides the crown she wears as one of the most celebrated singers alive today, Beyonce also takes the official crown as the most dishonest singer alive today.

I came across a ‘Judiciaryreport’ and details of the singer’s lies were indeed overwhelming.
It is on record that Beyonce once claimed she was a virgin and that her husband Jay-Z, was her first sexual experience.

However, her ex-boyfriend, who she spoke of at the beginning of her career, Lyndell, attempted to clear up a persistent rumor regarding her having an abortion when she got a record deal, as it would interfere with her career.
When asked if he'd previously had sex with Beyonce, Lyndell replied, “No comment.” What kind of answer is that? If one didn’t have sex with the person in question, one would simply say no. The phrase "no comment" indicates not wanting to tell the truth, as it will be incriminating or embarrassing for someone. His answer of “no comment” indicates they had a sexual relationship. However, he stated he was not aware of any pregnancy or abortion resulting from it.

Beyonce’s Other Lies:
She lied stating members of her former band Destinys Child quit the group. The truth later surfaced they were kicked out by greedy, money grubbing, Beyonce and her dad, Matthew Knowles, replaced without notice.
She lied stating President Barack Obama's inauguration was the first she performed at, when she previously performed at George W. Bush's inaugural.
She lied stating she doesn't drink, yet is frequently pictured drinking wine and champagne.

  • She lied stating she went to private school, when Media Take Out and records reveal she went to public school.
  • She lied stating she is 28-years-old, when state records reveal she was 35 years old at the time. Her friend Gabrielle Union and Media Take Out outed her on this subject.
  • She lied stating she writes her own music – when copyright certificates and registrations reveal she steals copyrights that were already registered to others and later re-registered them as her own, simply changing song titles and a word or two in the lyrics.
  • She lied stating she wrote the song “Crazy In Love” and came up with the music sample used on the track, forcing the song’s producer to out her to MTV for telling untruths, as he wrote the song and found the sample.

Additional Facts on BEYONCE’s lies
I recently stumbled on an article on ‘theprophetblog’ titled ‘Beyonce’s ‘I am… World Tour’ Lies exposed’ (written in 2010) and for the sake of writing style, I’m going to present it as I found it. It read thus:

“Beyonce’s always been known as one of the most dishonest singers in the music biz, and even today, almost 15 years into her career, her lies continue like clockwork.

Beyonce’s latest batch of bullshit comes from her recent ‘I Am… World Tour’ DVD and it’s accompanying television special. The superstar officially called the DVD her “directorial debut”, with official press releases solely naming her as producer, editor and director. She told Extra that it took her nine months to edit, and then told Nightline’s Cynthia McFadden that the only help she had was somebody who knew how to use Final Cut Pro (though she claimed she could still do the Final Cut Pro by herself).

Beyonce may have been busy telling the world about her incredible skills as a director, but as it turns out she wasn’t the only one directing the DVD — her choreographer and creative director Frank Gatson, as well as Ed Burke, also had a hand in creating it.

“First of all, I must say that I have been so thankful for the success of the ‘I Am…World Tour’ DVD,” Gatson told That Grape Juice in a recent interview. “To co-direct that body of work, along with Beyonce and Ed Burke…”

So, how much did Beyonce actually even do herself?

This isn’t the first time that Beyonce has been caught taking sole credit for other people’s work. She’s often been busted contributing one letter or word to a song, with no changes to the production or arrangement, in order to gain a writing credit, only to then claim she wrote it entirely herself – One hilarious instance saw her Dreamgirls song “Listen” being disqualified from the Academy Awards when the awards’ executive committee found there were too many co-writers on the track and that Beyonce had contributed the least amount to the song out of everybody involved.

But I digress –  The “I Am… World Tour” holds another example of Beyonce’s deceitful ways. You see, one key feature of the DVD is that it not only follows Beyonce on tour, but also follows her as she treks around the globe, learning about different cultures and exploring exotic locales. One instance featured the singer making her way through a pyramid in Egypt, and then spontaneously bursting into a rendition of her song “Ave Maria”. It’s an experience that touched the singer deeply — or so she’d like us to believe.

“This time I can appreciate how incredible this is and the history, and I try to live in the moment,” she told Nightline when speaking of her Egyptian escapades.

“I felt like it was important to go and see the pyramids,” she admitted. “It was absolutely spiritual [and] unbelievable and it just shows human ability and power. I felt like ‘I’m not worthy, I shouldn’t be in this pyramid, this is amazing,’ and it was really beautiful because I was able to go to the top and sing.”

Too bad it was all a publicity stunt.

Back in November of 2009 when Beyonce was actually in Egypt, it was arranged that the country’s leading Egyptologist Zahi Hawass would show her around. Here’s what he had to say to a local newspaper when questioned about his experience with the superstar.

“I showed her the Sphinx and I gave her a book on King Tutankhamun,” Hawass said. “She’s a stupid person and she doesn’t understand a thing and she doesn’t want to understand. She’s coming here to take pictures and that’s it.”

Now, over one year later, Hawass’ comments about Beyonce just wanting to “take pictures” make a lot more sense with the recent release of her tour DVD and television special. It’s too bad that Bey only seems to enjoy learning about different cultures when she can use it to help sell her next album or concert special.”

Another bag of lies was dropped when the singer announced on MTV that she was pregnant while millions of fans witnessed how her baby bump collapsed during a live television interview.

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