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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Emma Ugolee Writes on Amaka Igwe's Death, Nollywood and the Nigerian Mentality

Amaka Igwe's face is all over the place. With a many making a memorable recount of the master pieces she left behind. Yes! The pillars on which her popularity stood were non other than the quality of the works she put down.

No! Amaka, did not need controversies to make the news. She didn't depend on PR orchestrated strategies to retain her respectable relevance. Amaka Igwe was no mediocre.

Once upon a time, the pioneers in her business found it hard to hold onto quality as a the Alaba trader had over-commercialized the trade and made money-making the prime concern; thus trivialising the art. Amaka Igwe never for a split second, not with one single project get on that band wagon.

So while some of her contemporaries have some 600/700 watery movies to their name, Amaka kept it real with a solid few works that will live forever as classics.

Amaka did not belong to any needless fraction trying to form her own cabal within Nollywood. She worked with all; from RMD to Julius, Nkem Owoh to John Njamah. She was part of several associations that were designed to have a mass positive impact in her industry.

Infact, if you ask me what the problem with Nollywood is, I'll tell you in clear terms.... The industry has too few Amaka Igwes

So as we mourn her exit, please realize the value of what the nation has lost. What we have lost in a mentality, a tenacity, a spirit, a culture, a discipline, an image and a drive that insists on doing it right and excellently so.

Is there an Amaka Igwe in you?
Would you insist on long term, wide spread positive impact on your industry, or are you out to selfishly milk the industry even if it meant lowering the standards?

Someone has proven that the right thing can be done.
Amaka Igwe... A leading light just got put out

By Emma Ugolee.

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