Sunday, 13 April 2014

Funke Oguntuga Speaks on the Wedding of a Nigerian President's Daughter, 81 Cars as Presents and the iPhone Gifts

Last weekend, I woke up to quite a number of missed calls, mails and text messages from Heartminders blog readers wanting me to confirm the news that Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan's Daughter, who had her traditional wedding got 81 cars as part of her presents. Honestly, the excitement that hit me upon realising that people trust my source so much as to want to hear from me before believing the story overwhelmed me and so I called my source who informed me that it was mere hearsay.

Unconfirmed though, but we didn't give up and continued to investigate.

Now, yesterday, immediately after pictures of the white wedding I posted went viral,my source called me to check my inbox; that he just sent me some pictures of gifts to be given to guests. I opened my mail and lo and behold, it was customised gold-plated iPhones - Yes! Gold-plated iPhones. Hello, isn't this too much? I mean, this way too much and extremely wasteful. Attend a wedding and get an iPhone, really? In Nigeria? A nation that has been noted to be one of the poorest countries in the world?

We can't afford to sit down and play the spectator.

From my heart, I celebrate with the president on his daughter's wedding and I congratulate the bride and groom but I am hurting for this unwarranted waste of money.

Mr. President, you just threw all pressing national issues to our faces, and have just shown that you don't care. To me, you just don't deserve another term and I'm not sorry to say so.


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  1. Such a honest point of view. Funke, i wish we had more Nigerians like u in the right places. Thanks for sharing this.


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