Monday, 21 April 2014

Lady Gaga Admits She Was Bankrupt During 2009 Monster Ball Tour

In a sneak peek of the upcoming EPIX original documentary, talented singer, Lady Gaga has admitted that she actually was bankrupt during her 2009 Monsters Ball tour.

"I had $3 million dollars in the bank to my name and I threw it all in to make my stage," the 27-year-old says in a clip, via Entertainment Tonight. "So I was bankrupt during the show.

"I remember I went home and I was with my dad and he said, 'I don't understand. ‘Bad Romance’ is out. You are all over the radio. Everyone is talking about you and you don't have a pot to piss in.' I said, 'Just let me do this. Let me just put it on the stage because I think if I can do this I can get Arthur Fogel's attention.' And I did."

Culled from US Magazine

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