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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Samuel Efot Ekekere Writes on 'One Brief Shining Moment'

Don’t let it be forgotten that once there was a spot for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot,” are words from the lyrics of the song “Camelot” sung by Broadway musicals. Like most country songs, this song carried a message. Everyone needs that shining moment, one heralded moment on the Grande stage, even if it would be for just a few minutes.
We all want the opportunity to raise our head high amidst the crowd and accorded godlike status. We envy superstars, and though we may seem contented with our mediocrity status, something tells us, we deserve to be superstars.

Many persons ask thus; “which time will I shine?” There is so strong a desire to be the attraction which every other persons focus gaze. We desire the remarkable difference, a clothing style, a walking step, a posh car, a tingling tune and the perfect grass to grace story. The often prayer is “I am the next big thing.”

It is not wrong to desire. Having a great desire is the inertia for any eventful achievement. A man cannot achieve more than his dreams. The bad side to this is that many persons have taken their desires too far. You would hear words like, “even if it’s only one day I will have success, I must have it by all means.” Lust drives these persons, thus endangering their lives through mingling with diabolical powers. They are often attracted to cults and secret societies where the chance of achieving success within the short term is attainable.  The problem though with this is that you often find yourself chained by the benefits of your success, and encumbered with a vain deceitful success that you would wish to enjoy. Yes, you would have success but for just a few and not shining moments. You may seem celebrated but you do know right inside you that your success is hurting you.

Imagine finding yourself on the stage of “idols” with the entire crowd cheering at you. Imagine you are having all the cameras focused on you, you are smiling, and waving your hands to the crowd, you do not know. Imagine your name so heralded from the crowd of thousands, persons whose name you cannot tell. You may be singing the song “I wish.” One truth is that everyone shines. Everyone is a star. We only shine differently and have differently window periods where the clouds have to give way to have us shine.

Do you just wish to shine for just one brief moment? Are you not thinking you can live the shining life through your life? We want to shine on and forever. Sit tight presidents want to be presidents for life. They love the shining moments of being presidents. It takes men of character to bow at their most shining moment and to continue to shine. Its good desire and it is the best personal interest you can give yourself. Well, real men may bow out at their most bright moments but that even makes them shine more. They may not be in positions where they had had acclaimed success but their success is measure now no more in the joy of their former position but in their ability to continue to leave their lives outside the position that had given them acclaim. Stories of persons are not farfetched who have fallen from grace to grass after having attained superstar status. Your neighborhood will reveal a handful.

For one brief shining moment, let the world know there was a spot that had being. What matters often is not our route to achieving our desirable superstar status. We might have strived or had it on a platter. What matters is what happens when we get there. Do we shine or accept the middle ideology? If you are removed from your current position, who would remember you were once there? Your stay in a place or position may be brief, but reckon of you will be in the hearts you are leaving behind?

Well, life sometimes is brief and we ask ourselves questions like why should one die at this time. Death is “a necessary evil.” Everyone wants to live long and die at one hundred years. Fantastic if you can reach. But if you die at forty, how about that? The story though is not in how long you have lived, for even in the length, life remains a mirage. It is that in that brief moment of time when you seemed real, what people will remember that they missed about you when you long become a story once told. You may be the next Camelot.

Samuel Ufot Ekekere is just a friend trying to cause change his own little way.

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