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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Reader's Reaction to My post on 'What Lagos Boys Do with Codeine'

Your note about Codeine is totally wrong.
First off, your mum doesn't buy Codeine to help cough - She buys cough syrup with expectorant and about 5mg of codeine to make the kid sleep. Secondly, if you take about 6 bottles of cough syrup or Codeine, which now contains no expectorant and about 10mg of codeine you're surely gonna OD & die.

Thirdly, codeine doesn't intoxicate, just makes you lean and feel numb mostly with slight happy feeling you get to it.

I'm am not saying its good to take that shit, just saying the info you updated wasn't totally correct! And Codeine is used mostly in Abuja gan even more than Lagos - even private universities got access to higher mg of codeine than Lagos pharmacies.

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