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Monday, May 12, 2014

Call Me Dreams [By Samuel Ufot Ekekere]

Call me dreams and you won’t be wrong. I have been your great pal since you
were young. I am the future you see today and unlike my elder brother
“vision” that never comes through, I am the nearest tomorrow.

How many songs have people sung about me? I have a dream, I have a dream,
and you often chuckle your head to the sweet melody that pours from your
compact disc player.

I know sometimes I can be weird like when I cause you to rage out of your
night sleep, but for most times, you smile when I visit.

I steal in unnoticed and you smile because I paint for you, the perfect
picture. It is only in me your future arranges self and like John Mason’s
“dream big,” the bigger I am, the bigger you will be.

I have travelled overseas and land, places you have never being, to prepare
your place of future abode. I have decided to be big because I am aware a
man cannot be bigger than his dreams.

You are sometimes afraid I may just be too big for you. I see how scared
you are but I am assuring you that “if you can dream it, you can do it.”
There is no impossible me.

Do not mind those doubters, the “Thomases” who think I am too small. We can
both cause a stir and a chain of surprises. That is why I am here. They may
mock at that project you are conceiving and tell you it only happens in
dreams. Well now, I am saying, let us make it a reality.

If you see those old men, who make claims to “visions of our founding
fathers” and belittle your today’s dreams, just smile. Visions take forever
to come through and those old folks can only hope, dead hope. For you and
I, you know how pals do it. I am making you the cynosure of all eyes this
night and tomorrow you will see its realities.

Look, I do not brag. I have surprises under my sleeve. I am your guide.
Because I want you to reach the big picture, I sometimes warn you of
impending danger. That is when you wake up with sweat pouring profusely
from your pores.

Yeah! Sometimes I offer you food when you sleep and you reject it because
you think demons are offering you food. Well, you can afford to eat now, as
you can never lack food in reality.

If you tell others about the big me and they try reading meaning out of it,
never mind. Have no fear; I always come through regardless of those that
hunt me. I am untouchable.

With me, you have so much power. You can influence all those who do not
have me by making them follow me. You become a leader because you have me.

Sometimes when I visit, I may look scary. It is not because I want to scare
you. Rather, I am warning you. I care so much about you and I really do.

Do not accept less than I have pictured you. That will be accepting
mediocrity. Fight for the “big picture.” Fight hard.

Do not be cowered into the antics of those losers who do not want you to
win. They may make mockery taunts like “where is that dreamer?” they need
must make taunts to enable us speed work towards my accomplishment. I work
harder when I face times like this.

Now get this. The fact that you have me does not mean it is “uhuru”. There
will be temptations and tribulations meant to move you away from me and to
test our resolve to work together. I want you to promise me one thing that
you will never let me go. Through the rain and the storms, you will fight
on. I can assure you that I have stuck my guns with you.

My friend, do not worry. I will always be there to whisper some direction
when you seem lost and heading off course. You know I have crossed this
path before now. Please, listen and follow my lead

Now is the time for you to let me live. I must live. You won’t be wrong if
you call me dreams.

Samuel Ufot Ekekere is a writer from Uyo, Nigeria. As a teacher, motivator, and  writer, he writes inspiring articles on personal development for all categories of persons.
He believes everyone needs motivation.
Visit his blog at
Twitter: @inyang21

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