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Friday, May 02, 2014

Joke of the Day

A doctor wrote on his new clinic: Any
treatment is N10,000, if we cannot treat you, we will pay you N20,000.

Wanting to collect N20,000, a guy came to the doctor and said: "I can't feel any taste."

The doc asked a nurse to give him a few drops of medicine "from box 22."

Upon taking the drops, the guy shouted: "Oh stop! It's urine!"

The doctor said: "Congratulations, your sense of taste is back now!"

The guy was very angry that he lost N10,000.

He came back two weeks later with a new idea how to get N20,000.

"I lost my memory," the guy said to the doctor.

"Nurse! Please give this man some drops of medicine 'from box 22'," the doctor ordered.

Guy shouted: "Wait doctor! But that medicine is for sense of taste".

"Congratulations, your memory is back," the doctor replied.

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