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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dencia: Her Breasts, Cleavage, Controversies, Attempted Suicide & Secrets [+20Photos]

The African continent is blessed with an exciting population of ladies who have over the years, emerged from obscurity into the limelight not just on the strength of their passion for the arts but also by constantly kindling the flames of controversies.

One female artiste from the African continent who sits well within this category of entertainers is Cameroonian/Nigerian Pop singer, Dencia whose popularity in Nigeria has given her a level of media attention that would rival any A-list celebrity within Africa’s most populous nation.

In this piece, we will point out certain hard facts and other interesting things that you probably didn’t know about this singer.

  • She released her first song, ‘Beri Beri’ as well as its video in Nigeria in October 2011
  • The first broadcast media platform she spotted her musical video was on Soundcity
  • As a young girl, Dencia had always dreamt of becoming a celebrity entertainer
  • Dencia has stated more than once that one other talent that was richly acknowledged when she was younger was her ability to make people laugh
  • She was born and raised in Cameroon by her maternal grandparents
  • As a girl, she always boasted about the day she would spend a lot of her time hanging out with Hollywood stars
  • Before her big break as a singer, she was at different times, a designer, a student, a model, a stylist and an actress
  • She also did a lot of work behind the scene, which fetched her lots of experience co-directing music videos and styling dancers
  • Her name is Reprudencia Sonkey
  • She got the name Dencia from school and it was while she was with a Disk Jockey friend and trying to decide on a name for her as an artiste that she remembered the name and it stuck
  • She was quite excited when she eventually met American actress, singer and songwriter, Christina Milian as she had always looked forward to meeting her in person
  • According to the singer, some of her humbling experiences were when she met Bill Gates, Oprah, 50 Cent, Chris Brown and George Clooney
  • Dencia once reeled out the names of great musicians she has worked with to include Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Christina Milian, Keyshia Cole, 50 Cent, Jeremiah
  • The song that hurled her into the limelight was her single, ‘Beri Beri’
  • Dencia once considered her first single, ‘Beri Beri’ her weakest single till date but was quick to add that people loved it
  • She worked with Ghanaian rap star, Sarkodie on her track, ‘Me & U’
  • Dencia has denied ever being romantically involved with gifted singer and music producer, Banky W despite the rumours
  • One of the things she is very passionate about besides her talent is her love for fashion and once said, “I live for fashion... I think fashion and arts make the world go round. My style is loud, bold, creative and unique because I recreate everything I wear. I has been this way since I was a little girl.”
  • Her biggest competitor as an artiste is... Dencia
  • She admits flaunting her breasts but adds: “How do you flaunt something that’s right there; like on every woman’s chest. How do I hide it? Why should I? I’m a woman; meaning I am sexy naturally like every woman. I don’t need to flaunt it. I just remain myself.”
  • Some of the men she has had a crush on include Balotelli, Mikel Obi and Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Dencia avers that she lost her virginity when she was an adult. “This is personal and for the young girls reading this, it happened when I was independent living on my own out of my parents house. It is important to be ready. I was an adult so take your time. Don’t rush! You are not missing anything at all. I don’t have any worries. I have dated but never got sexual so you know you can date, be in love and be happy without sex.”
  • She once laid claim to have stayed for two straight years without sex
  • Dencia once attempted to take her own life and admits that that singular incident remains the craziest thing she has ever done. “I tried to commit suicide. Looking at it, I feel stupid and dumb and I laugh at myself because there’s nothing worse than trying to commit suicide and not succeeding. I took pills. I was 14 and I was sick for a month. My head was feeling heavy like I couldn’t even get off my bed. But I realized we have a purpose on earth and life is too sweet to die. The stupid reason was because I had to go stay with my uncle for the summer for being too stubborn. I was just a crazy teenager.”
  • Dencia felt honoured being compared to American singer, Lady Gaga. “She is a legend. I admire her although I don’t see the similarities between us but she’s an amazing person.”
  • Two Nigerian acts that she loves their brand and style of music are 2Face and Flavour
  • Some of her long term goals are to live long, to be successful and to help others realise their dreams
  • She was featured on Channel 4 News in a very controversial interview
  • Dencia is the brain behind the skincare product, Whitenicious
  • Her run-in with award-winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o stands out for the controversy the exchange threw up
  • She once had an interview with the BBC that lasted less than one minute despite being earlier scheduled for a longer duration; 15 minutes to be precise
  • Dencia was officially invited by Oprah Winfrey to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) but turned it down amidst another round of controversy. “I feel like they want to take advantage of Whitenicious. They need the show. They need me but you know what, if the pay is good, I’ll do it… The questions they want to ask me, they can ask Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj because they have all lightened their skin. But since they are bigger, you can’t ask them and you want to ask me so, pay me.”
  • One of the most controversial things about her product, Whitenicious is that while she has severally explained that it is used to lighten dark spots, she also admits that it will bleach the skin. “Whitenicious contains hydroquinone, which is used in most creams to tone and lighten dark spots. Whitenicious will bleach your skin, yes. But, is that what I’m selling it for? No.” I’m a Christian and if I was selling Whitenicious for the purpose of bleaching the whole skin and lying about it, I don’t think God would have blessed me with selling out in 24 hours. God doesn’t like dirty and I believe that because I’m honest about what I’m doing. Whatever the media is saying, that is their problem. My little voice will be heard one day. As the saying goes, ‘lies travel around the world before the truth gets to put on its shoes.’”
  • Dencia once addressed the issue of being accused of bleaching by saying she had a tan in images where she appears dark adding that she is naturally light-skinned.
  • She recently described as unnecessary the series of protests organised for the ‘BringBackOurGirls’ campaign in Nigeria aimed at protesting the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls from their schools in Chibok
  • The singer remains rooted in her belief that her product, Whitenicious is about tackling “hyper-pigmentation” and was not created for skin lightening.
  • She considers her growing up says as really fun. “Growing up was super fun. I was technically considered the last child but in reality, I was the first grandchild but I never knew about that until I was 16. My grandpa loved me so much.”
  • Do you know how she became Head Girl in nursery school? “...the process of getting there when I think about it was evil. The teacher gave canes out and the person who whipped hard enough to make someone cry was appointed and I did (covers face). I was barely 4 years old.”
  • She obtained an associate degree and a fashion degree from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.”
  • She had made up her mind to go for a PhD even if she has to do it when she’s 80 years old
  • Dencia admits that she has a complicated family triangle
  • Nigeria was the first country she visited when she relocated to the United States
  • Her most valued fashion pieces are her handbags, shoes and vintage jewellery
  • Her home in Nigeria was once burgled
  • She buys three to four pairs of every shoe she owns. “When I like something, I stock it because someone might like it too or sometimes I have stylist friends who raid my closet for celebrities. Sometime last year I lost my favourite shorts to Keyshia Cole. She had a show, they needed stuff and the money was good!”
  • Dencia once had a public fight with her friend, Liz Garvy at an event in Lagos, which degenerated into a scuffle
  • She is one of the few African artistes to have their Twitter accounts verified
  • She opened a Twitter account for her Dog, Diva in 2010
  • To enable her dog tweet (update her twitter timeline), Dencia got her a device called ‘Puppy Tweets;’ a device that is attached to the dogs collar and when she barks, it tweets her thoughts
  • Her entry into working as a video vixen started in 2008 in Miami during Spring Bling when Soulja boy took her.
  • Some of the celebrities she worked with at that point include 50 cents and Jeremih (Down On Me), Chris Brown (Yeah 3x), Quincy Jones (Soul Bossa Nostra featuring Ludacris), Baby Bash (Fantasy Girl, Hollywood Undead), Pharrell Williams and others.
  • In December 2010, she recorded a track titled ‘Rodeo Drive.’
  • The first producer she worked with in Nigeria was Tee Y Mix
  • Tee Y Mix produced her hit single, ‘Beri Beri’
  • For her trim waist, Dencia does a lot of exercise, plenty of squats and also works on her abs. She focuses a lot of attention on her abs during workouts
  • She describes herself as cool and down to earth but notes that a lot of people do not know this about her
  • Dencia is funny and talkative. “I sit and crack jokes all day with anyone. The Dencia you see on Twitter taking insults isn’t as quiet as you think. I’m really the opposite of what most people think.”
  • She once revealed that she spends $26, 000 a year on her dog’s upkeep
  • Dencia affirmed that she had her purse stolen in Paris (in France) and added that it contained a Chanel bag ($4, 700), cash ($6, 000), sunglasses ($230), her passports, credit cards and a Blackberry Porsche

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