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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Maheeda persists with her raunchy images on social media despite strict rules

There are two things that come to mind when the name Maheeda is mentioned; a musical career that insists on pitching its tent within the Gospel genre and a beautiful young lady with a penchant for posting raunchy images all over social media websites.
As a direct result of what she does, controversial singer, Maheeda has pitched herself into the heart of two categories of people; those who admire her and sometimes fantasise about sensual possibilities and a second category that have condemned her to the abyss of condemnation and immorality.

In the middle of this, one thing that is clear is that Maheeda has developed a thick skin to controversies and appears to thrive in it as made manifest in the sheer number of raunchy images she has posted online.

Her activities on the social media website, Instagram have never gone unnoticed given the nature of images she posts therein.

The irony is that despite the terms and conditions on Instagram against nudity, majority of Maheeda's images are predominantly of the raunchy kind.

Of course, this did not go unnoticed and the administrators of the site cautioned the singer against posting her raunchy images. Maheeda persisted with her uploads and of course, she paid the ultimate price; her Instagram account was blocked.

While some had assumed that the pain of losing all her images would hurt Maheeda so much that she might consider taming the nature of images she uploads, the reverse was the case.

Maheeda signed up on the social media website using a different username and resumed posting even raunchier images online.

The new Instagram account stayed active until recently when her second account was blocked for the same reason the first was blocked.

Interestingly, popular American singer, Rihanna also had her account deleted a few weeks ago for posting images the administrators of the website considered inappropriate.

Like a cat with nine lives, Maheeda appears unscathed by having her accounts blocked as made manifest by her decision to sign up a third Instagram account and this time, her ID is 'M9JA1.'

Below are some of the images that got her account blocked:

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