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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

What Ghanaian Actress Helen Asante Loves About Her Physique

What Ghanaian actress Helen Asante loves about her physique

There are a variety of words that have been used to describe this actress and some of them include beautiful, stunning, talented and consistent, which perhaps explains why she has enjoyed a good spell within the movie industry where Ghanaian actress, Helen Asante has pitched her creative tent.

Despite her sustained presence in the limelight and all that has been said about her, there are several parts of this actress’ life that fans and friends are not familiar with. This piece will therefore demystify this gorgeous actress especially from the facts in her life as well as other interesting things about her.

  • She is petite
  • She was born into a family of six
  • Helen Asante hails from Kyebi in the Eastern region
  • She began her education at Snaps Nursery School at Asylum Down
  • The young actress later moved to Sunset Preparatory School and the Adonai Institution of Radio and TV presentation, where she undertook a six-month course in 2005
  • Helen Asante later enrolled at the Zenith College, where she graduated with a certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management.
  • She was born in 1987
  • She once admitted that her petite frame sometimes deprives her of roles she would have been cast for if she had a bigger physique. “They are intimated by my size but I think it really doesn’t matter how you look. With film if you’re a good director and you know what you want from an actor, you can get what you want using make up and costume. There are shorter and uglier people all over the world whose talents are being exploited but that doesn’t happen in this country,” she said.
  • One of the moments that really hurt her was the day the producer of a movie wanted to cast her in the movie but her petite frame got in the way as the director considered her too small for the role. “In the beginning I wasn’t getting the whole thing and didn’t understand what was going on but it really hurt me. And way back, I wouldn’t be called for movies and all that not because I wasn't good but because I wasn’t big. I don’t react because I know what I have and I see it as their loss. They are the ones going to lose because a time will come when they’ll need me more than I need them. A time will come that they’ll want me and I won’t be available,” she complained.
  • If there one thing she loves about her physique, it’s the fact that she believes it would serve to her advantage. “The big and tall people would eventually all grow old and I would still be looking pretty and sexy,” she added.
  • Some of the movies she has been cast in include ‘Somewhere in Africa,’ ‘Crime to Christ,’ ‘About To Wed,’ ‘In The Eyes Of My Husband,’ ‘The King Is Mine,’ ‘Sin of the Soul,’ ‘4play,’ ‘4play Reloaded,’ ‘Love For Rent’ and others
  • Like most gifted actresses in her mould, she is very sensitive to scripts and does not accept all of them. She explained that some of the stories are not challenging enough and also because of poor pay.
  • Besides acting, Helen Asante also develops story ideas and writes for producers.
  • One of her most prominent outings as an actress was in the award-winning movie ‘Somewhere In Africa
  • She was involved in the ‘Adams Apples’ project
  • Her first professional role was in the movie ‘Wedlock of the God’
  • Helen Asante has had her fair share in Nigerian movie projects as made manifest in her role in the series ‘About to Wed’
  • The actress once admitted that she has had her very rough times. “It is been hard. I won’t say that I had everything on the silver platter.”
  • One of her biggest dreams is picking a major role in a Hollywood movie
  • She gave a pointer into what her future holds for her within the Nigerian movie industry when she won the ‘Most Promising Actress of the Year’ at the 2013 edition of the City People Entertainment Awards
  • Helen Asante’s first stint with acting was in 2004 right after senior high school
  • Her first role was a palace maiden in Venus Film’s ‘Wedlock Of The Gods’
  • She followed this with the role of a prostitute in ‘Crime To Christ’ starring top actor, Majid Michel.
  • In the TV series ‘About To Wed’ in Nigeria, she played the role of Rita, a University student schooling in Nigeria.
  • She was cast in the movie ‘In The Eyes Of My Husband’ alongside Juliet Ibrahim, Van Vicker and Nadia Buari.

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