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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

33 Things You Never Knew About comedienne Helen Paul a.k.a Tatafo

With her lips sealed, Helen Paul could easily pass for a charming lady with perhaps a phobia for speaking beyond 30 seconds in a single breath but don’t be fooled, beyond her alluring visage lies a comedienne who has built a reputation in the Nigerian comedy and comic industry that few of her peers can rival.

In this piece, we will thrill you with facts that you probably never knew about her, some of her unforgettable moments, her journey so far and other interesting things in her life

  • Beyond being a comedienne, Helen Paul also has a flair for music and has songs and music videos to her credit
  • Her unique ability to mimic the voice of a very young girl serves as her Unique Selling Point as a comedienne
  • She was recently unveiled as a brand ambassador for telecom giant, Globacom
  • Helen Paul’s stage name is ‘Tatafo’
  • She is largely considered smart and extremely witty
  • Helen Paul is also an On-Air-Personality
  • She is married to Mr. Femi Bamishile
  • In 2013, she performed at quite a number of high profile events
  • She is also an actress and has been cast in Nollywood movies
  • She is an award-winning comedienne
  • Helen Paul is also a TV presenter
  • Some of the broadcast media establishments she has worked with include ‘Jara’ on Africa Magic and ‘Tatafo Gist’ on Naija FM
  • She plans to feature in more movies as well as TV series in 2014
  • One of her projects for 2014 is a platform where young and talented actors and actresses would be trained
  • She firmly believes that hard work and prayer have the power to open the doors of success and career progression
  • She constantly strives to leave a touch of excellence in her performances. “I always strive towards being excellent in all that I do, from the delivery of the content to the content itself. Everything must have a touch of excellence. Also, I must give all the glory to God.”
  • Her performance in the presence of President Goodluck Jonathan and Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan left her with a strong feeling of having her work appreciated and recognised. This was further heightened by the fact that a source close to her revealed to her that the first lady has persistently insisted on Helen Paul as the major comedienne for the event
  • When she performs at events, she keeps her delivery spontaneous. “I am more of a freestyle performer. I do stuff on the spur of the moment. I simply mount the stage, size up my audience, perhaps even pick on one or more individuals, and sort of mess around with them,” she recently said
  • She makes it a point of duty to get her audience relaxed before she dishes out comic lines
  • Helen Paul is also a TV show host
  • She could get very mischievous and an instance of such mischief is easily found in an incident she was involved in while in secondary school. “I led a group of friends to hire surrogate mothers to sign undertaking of good behaviour when we were suspended from school, obviously for being mischievous. When we were suspended, my friends were agitated and were at a loss as to what to do. As usual, I came up with my bright idea and this time, we were going to hire fake mothers. We kept the fact of our suspension away from our families for the 2 weeks that the suspension lasted and after that period, we paid some women to act as our mothers and sign the undertaking.”
  • She always acknowledges her husband’s support of her multifaceted career whenever she gets a chance to do so
  • The singer admits that she gets loads of support from people around her adding that this makes her job easier
  • She once thought she would end up a journalist, lawyer or doctor
  • Her parents paid a lot of attention on her education but gave her the freedom to choose her career path
  • Helen Paul’s gift of being able to make people laugh and keep them entertained came to her at a very tender age though she never knew she would go professional
  • Some of those who influenced her career positively are Bunmi Davies of Stand Up Nigeria, Mr Seye Kehinde of City People Magazine, Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon, Mrs Ndidi Obioha of Enthyst Events, Senator Oluremi Tinubu and Mr. Femi Sowoolu of City 105.1 FM amongst others
  • She believes marriage calls for sacrifice especially in terms of striking a balance between her family and career
  • Her husband is a reserved and creative gentleman
  • She once admitted that one of the things her husband loves most about her is her playful nature
  • Her temperament is a blend of choleric and sanguine
  • She once worked as a receptionist at Eko Reel mix Studios
  • Helen Paul met popular singer, Wyclef Jean while working as a receptionist and it was quite an experience for her. “Even without being a star myself, he carried me around and I was so tiny back then. I hung out with his entourage, security personnel and what not; to the extent that even stars like 2Face had to cross some hurdles to take pictures with me! Trust me; I enjoyed the attention while it lasted.”

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