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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Don’t Get Lost In The Crowd, There’s A Glorious YOU Emerging (By Alero Obaseki)

Yes it is true that we were all made for a purpose. Yes, it is true we were all made with a glorious and bright future. But along the path of life many allowed their lights fade away by prevailing circumstances and other environmental pressures; either way, many have been tossed around by the wind and too many follow the crowd so when majority are tossed and many follow, what do we have?

Yes, they said you can't get that thing that you have always wanted. They said you would never be that thing you always wanted to be. The whole of your environment screamed NO. Circumstances screamed NO. In fact, your general, physical, educational and probably even spiritual qualifications screamed NO but Jesus says YES for in our weakness, His strength is made perfect and remember not to forget that you are not just anybody but a peculiar person.

Have you ever just thought "my generation looks up to me" or "the earnest expectation of all of God's creation awaits my manifestation?"

You can't obviously go too far ahead of 'people' if you keep listening to what 'people' have to say. People don't know what you say in your mind yet they always feel they know what you'll turn out to be in life.

Change your mind-set. If an angel came to your house and took you six years down this line and you saw yourself a multi-millionaire and a global phenomenon and then he brought you back to the now, will your mind-set as well as your attitude change or not? Certainly it will. Change your thoughts because your thoughts are the forces that define your taste in life so please take a walk or run out of that box thinking. Go forth believe in yourself. Do those things you never thought you could do. Go forth - make waves, change your thoughts, motivate your world, inspire your generation, go forth and be GREAT!

REMEMBER THIS: he who follows the crowd never goes further than the crowd will but he who learns to stand out Is sure to discover what the crowd will never have been able to.

Written by Alero Obaseki
Alero is a Nigerian writer who has authored quite a number of motivational and inspirational articles.

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  1. God bless Alero. Thanks a lot dearie

  2. This is nice Alero. Keep it up

  3. Wow! Great write up here Alero. There's a glorious you emerging too. May God give you more grace and lead you right. God bless you

  4. Thanks for this piece Alero. More grease to your elbows

  5. Thank you Jesus. Quite inspiring


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