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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Jahfizz Shares His Position on Smoking and Hard Substances

As far as music and hard drugs go, there are usually two clear cut categories; those who approve the intake of hard substances and those who consider it an aberration to creative expression.

In this interview with Jahfizz of SD Records, he revealed the side of the fence he finds himself, how his music began, his role models and much more.


Tell us about yourself
[Clears throat, with a smile] My name is Opeyemi Olaleye and my native place is Ile Ife, Osun State but I was born and raised in Lagos State. Confidence, positive attitude, self-motivation, quick learning, adaptability and hard work are my strengths. My weakness is that I don't believe things easily – sorry!
My hobbies are reading books and listening to good music. In other words, I am me. No affiliate, no photocopy, no copyright and once I am your friend, you will realize that I am loyal and reliable enough to be trusted.

Tell us how you started your music
Wow! That was back in the elementary school. I had a close friend; Idowu Olabanji, who suddenly developed interest in music and needed me in. He tried to bring me in to make a ‘2-act-thing’ but I was putting my education into consideration. As a mamma's baby, I never wanted any bad performance in my academics. As time flew by, I agreed and we went on but not for long. The reason was that he got discouraged while I never backed out.
In school, I was known for always miming all Akon's albums. Two of my class mates; Agbebaku Sunday and Bamidele Daniel walked up to me with the idea of starting a group. I was in the senior class then. We recorded our first single ‘Padi Mi (My Pal).’ It got us a few events where we performed but the sad story was that Bamidele Daniel quit, as he saw no future in the group. The split discouraged Agbebaku Sunday and I was left alone with my fate.
In 2005, I recorded my first solo single ‘See Di Girl (See The Girl).’ It has a video and this move made me go places. That got me my first big show ever at Felabration; an annual event organized by Nigeria’s number one Afro Beat act, Femi Kuti. I stepped up my game in 2012, when I recorded another hit banger, ‘Maa Lo Le (Don't Go Dulling),’ which enjoyed a good run on the airwaves.

How do you combine music with education?
Everyone knows quite alright that the combination is never easy but with the glory of God, I stay fly always.

Do you plan to make any difference in the music industry?
[Laughs] That's certain, I'm married to my thoughts; giving a f..k about yours is adultery, I don't imitate. I'm just doing it in my own style and that's how one can be known for his works.

Who are the talented artistes you admire?
Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam - I know you're wondering if I'm speaking in tongues. I'm not in the spirit world. That is Akon's full name and I respect Innocent ‘2Face’ Idibia and Sean Paul

What are the things that give you inspiration?
Nature inspires me. I can come up with a story line based on what I see happening or that has happened. Experiences also inspire me.

Do you smoke or take hard substances?
Tah! I don't get myself engaged in such acts though I know people that if they don’t smoke or take those substances within 24 hours, they won’t be themselves. I however, dissociate myself from such individuals.

What are you currently working on under your record label?
SD Records, big kudos to the CEO, Princess Adeyemi Adetutu - ‘Obirin bii okunrin (a woman like a man).’ She's been really working very hard on her artistes. Maybe I should not disclose any yet.

What should your fans expect from you?
Nothing but the best of Jahfizz and I promise never to disappoint them. Their constant support and words of encouragement is all I need.

Who are the artistes or producers you are looking forward to work with?
 Locally, I'd like the efforts of Cynthia Morgan, 2Face and Olamide. Internationally, Akon and Sean Paul would spice up my album.

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