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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mixed Reactions Greet Davido's Outburst

Award-winning singer, Davido recently took to his Twitter account to drop some lines and this would have been grazed over by fans and industry watchers except for the fact that he was actually 'throwing stones.'

As you might have guessed, it didn't take fans too long to trace the stones to fellow singer, Wizkid despite the fact that Davido mentioned no names in his post.

In the post, Davido had said, "It's all fun and games till somebody gets knocked out. Ask around - I got them hands..." These were the opening lines and they were not too hard till the singer re-tweeted the lines of a fan named Bassi, which read thus, "Davido has won everything 'winable' over your head this year. A new era ni**a. Can't you see he is better? Your time 'don dey go o. I no mention name o.'"

Davido rounded off the 'stone-throwing' session with a Tweet that read, "Done with all this shit. Back to the music... Smooth sailing... Tick tock!"

At this point, mixed reactions trickled down from fans that have followed the relationship between both singers.

While some urged music lovers to brush Davido's lines aside as they were nothing but mere publicity stunt, others openly took sides.

"They are two K-legged goats looking for who will dive into their matter. Please stop enabling them. It's all a huge publicity stunt. I'm speaking as an insider in the music business. I have people in both camps," an anonymous source said.

A fan, Dan Skila said, “Davido, 'abeg' leave Wizkid alone. You shine 'pass am' this year. It could be his turn again tomorrow but come to think of it, these guys might just be pulling our legs o. Anyway, you're still very good friends. You both make Nigeria very proud so no beefing."

"It's so unfortunate, money doesn't buy maturity," Alloy Chikezie said; clearly taking sides with Wizkid or whoever the message was intended for.

An anonymous source; obviously pro Davido responded to the outburst with a comment that threw up a few questions. "H factor? Does he mean homo? (Laughing) I swear I have always felt that Wizkid is 2 beers away from being gay. For the sake of Tania's ‘lovey dovey’ heart, I hope he meant 'hate' and not 'homo'...
Another fan, Jay Blaze noted that Wizkid might be retaliating via a different medium. "Damn! Wizkid needs professional help to recover from this blow... Having said that, watch out for Wizkid’s musical reply..."
In the same vein, Onyx Godwin said, "Davido has a bad mouth! Jeeeez! Can't wait for Wizkid’s come back."

Still on the matter, a fan who maintained a neutral stand had this to say, "Does Wizkid have an H factor? I really expected more from these fellas 'sha...' But what do I know... Nothing like some good old healthy competition between mates... Let the best man win. But for what it's worth, I respect them equally."

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