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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nollywood Actress, Yvonne Hays Reveals Her Best Kept Secret

There are a couple of things Nollywood actress, Yvonne Hays takes for granted but her passion for acting is clearly not one of them. Over the years, she has invested her energy, time and resources into taking her acting prowess to a level where her works usher her into the list of extremely successful A-list actresses Nigeria has churned out.

We will therefore take a swipe at demystifying this beautiful actress by pointing out facts and several other aspects of her life that you probably never knew about.

  • She is an award-wining Nollywood actress
  • Yvonne Hays is based in the UK
  • Some of the movies she has been involved in include ‘Shameful Deceit,’ ‘Urban Rhythm,’ ‘Heartless Career,’ ‘Battered,’ ‘Purity of Heart’ and so much more
  • The actress picked up the Beffta Award (Best Actress in a Movie) in 2013
  • In addition to being an actress, Yvonne Hays is also a model and an aspiring movie producer/director
  • She plays a very crucial role in Melquosh Mission; a charity that supports and rehabilitates amputated war victims of Sierra Leone and considers this, her way of giving back to the society
  • It wasn’t until 2012 that she finally made up her mind to become an actress despite her childhood passion for acting.
  • She started on a very cautious note by kicking off her career with modelling and eventually took a plunge into acting when she believed she had found her footing
  • Yvonne Hays finds it extremely difficult to pick out a single role to consider her favourite
  • When it comes to mentoring, the actress has two clear cut categories of mentors. “I look up to my parents as my teachers and mentors when it comes to life in general because I draw my strength and determination from them. In terms of my acting career, I look up to seasoned and experienced actors like Olu Jacobs, Joke Silver, Bimbo Akintola, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Meryl Streep, Michael Douglas, Denzel Washington. Their body of work and versatility speaks volumes and they inspire and motivate me.”
  • A while ago, Yvonne Hays isolated the task of combining a 9-5 job with an acting career as the hardest part of her job
  • Compared to actors and actresses who feel comfortable in falling into the trap of getting typecast, Yvonne recently revealed that she derives joy from playing a very wide variety of characters. “This is where my passion comes from,” she added.
  • For Yvonne, one of the most beautiful things of being an actress is the joy that comes with being able to visualize the many facets of life. “African cinema has come such a long way and I feel privileged to be a facet of such a jewel in the crown of African cinema. Movie making is a visual language through which life information, lessons and messages are passed on. An example of this is the movie 'Roots' which I think will forever hold a special place in the hearts of many as it was an eye opener in enabling us understand part of our history.”
  • If there’s one other career that Yvonne would aggressively pursue as passionately as she has pursued acting and modelling, it would be one in fashion designing with a clothing line that would include bags, shoes and a jewellery line.
  • One thing most people don’t know about her is that she cannot drive. “Most don't know I can’t drive and that I keep failing my driving tests. I aim to pass it this year (Covers her face).
  • Her most challenging role in a movie remains her role in the movie, ‘Purity of Heart;’ where she played the lead character. “It was a really emotional role for me and I enjoyed the experience.”
  • For her style, she does not conform to trends as she believes people should wear whatever suits their body type. “I'm a girly girl who mixes things up and switches it up by changing my clothes and hair lol.”
  • She describes her fashion style as a fusion of classic, glamour, bohemian chic with a touch of Edgy and Retro glamour I guess.
  • Her favourite food is ‘Yummy Lasagna.’
  • One thing she looks forward to achieving in 2014 is being able to get into the mainstream movie industry.
  • The three items she believes she must always have are a nice perfume, a lip gloss and a good moisturiser
  • She enjoys dancing, travelling, reading, going to the cinema, shopping, acting and playing host to her friends at home

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