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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

58 interesting Facts About Nollywood Actress, Chelsea Eze [+6 Photos]

Acting as an art could either be taken as a job through which a living is earned or it could become a passion that gives the heart a reason to live and embark on a journey on the elevated roads of fulfillment. Nollywood actress, Chelsea Eze willingly chose the latter or should we say acting chose her years before she even began to fantasise about interpreting roles behind cameras.
Today, she has become something of a darling in an industry she only dreamt about and interestingly, her teeming fans consider her one of God’s biggest gifts to Nollywood.

In this piece, we will attempt to highlight hard facts in the life of the actress as well as certain moments and encounters that have moulded her into who she has become today.

  • Chelsea Eze is a Nigerian by birth
  • She was born in Kano State but hails from Abia State
  • Before her emergence as an actress, she used to be a model
  • She began acting professionally in 2009
  • She attended Federal Girls College, Minjibir and St. Louis Secondary School in Kano
  • She speaks more Hausa than she speaks Igbo language
  • Chelsea Eze gives the credit of her discovery to Nollywood producer, Emem Isong
  • The first Nollywood movie she was cast in was ‘Silent Scandal’
  • The movie Chelsea Eze was cast in for her first acting job picked up three awards
  • She considers the movie, Silent Scandal both a blessing and a curse. She once explained that as a blessing, it made people spot and recognise her acting potentials. As a curse, she explained that it made her push herself to unbelievable limits
  • In the movie, ‘Silent Scandal,’ she played the character named Ella. “I played the character of Ella. Ella happened to be an only child of a single mother (Genevieve Nnaji). My dad supposedly jilted my mum for her cousin so my mum raised me all by herself. As a teenage girl, you get to a certain age where you want to explore and sometimes tend to be rebellious. Ella was a rebellious child and she did a lot of things to get attention. At some point I went out of the country and I returned to find my mother having an affair with my boyfriend (Majid Michel).”
  • She is very selective in the kinds of auditions she attends
  • She played a major role in the movie, ‘Hoodrush’ and played the role of ‘Shakira’
  • She used to sing in the school and church choir
  • She enjoys going to Karaoke bars
  • Chelsea Eze has no tolerance for sexual harassment in any form
  • She has her primary and secondary education in Kano
  • She attended the University of Maiduguri in Borno State where she studied Linguistics/English Language
  • As an undergraduate, she contested for the Miss Taraba pageant in 2006 but did not win. Rather, she was the first runner-up
  • When speaking, her Hausa is more fluent that her Igbo
  • If there’s anything Chelsea Eze would not be caught dead in, it would be an all-leather outfit
  • She considers God her biggest strength and source of inspiration and drive. “Like my daddy used to tell me; though you have a plan for yourself, God has a plan for you too, and if you are not in God’s plan you will just be working and not getting results.”
  • When she gets a script, she goes on her knees and makes a request from God. “...Even when I get a script, I will kneel down and tell God to help me with the translation, so it is generally God, and secondly, I love myself so much that I take care of myself.”
  • Chelsea Eze does not have a beauty routine
  • She does not like make-up and only uses them when it becomes very necessary
  • Rather than apply make-up on her face, she has a preference for eating fruits and drinking water frequently
  • She loves good shoes and bags
  • She enjoys being stylish
  • Her favourite designers are Valentino, Vonne Couture and Giuseppe Zanotti.
  • She is her parents’ first child and has three siblings
  • Her father is a retired banker
  • Her mother is a banker turned business woman
  • She was raised in Kano and is so quite fond of her childhood memories, she once said, “My childhood was fun because Kano was very peaceful and beautiful.”
  • She believes Nollywood still has loads of untapped potentials
  • Some of the movies she has been involved in as an actress include ‘Silent Scandal,’ ‘Tears of Passion,’ ‘Closed Door,’ ‘Hoodrush,’ ‘Two Brides and  a Baby,’ ‘Laugh won kill me die,’ ‘The Kingdom’ and others.
  • She has not been a victim of Nollywood’s brand of sexual harassment
  • Chelsea Eze once noted that Nollywood now contains certain people who continually reap from Nollywood without sowing seeds
  • She admits that being an actress come with both gains and pains
  • Chelsea Eze once lamented the loss of her privacy and the frustrations that come with the loss
  • One of the things she fears the most if losing her identity. “Acting is living a dual life and when I have to take on very challenging roles, I have to work extra hard to find a balance because I don’t want to lose Chelsea Eze at the end of the day.”
  • Her biggest weakness is ‘fashion.’
  • She loves the acting prowess of actors like Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Al Pacino
  • As an actress, she had to learn o the job and remains grateful to the likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Bimbo Akintola and others. “They’ve been there.  When I have a challenge or I’m not sure what to do at a particular time, I just call them for advice and assistance and it works.”
  • Did you know that Chelsea Eze can use her teeth to open a can of milk? Well, it sounds unbelievable but she can
  • She sees no reason why actresses should be desperate about getting roles. “I feel desperation is negative. If you’re desperate, it’s negative. I’ve always believed that if it’s yours, it will come to you.”
  • Two of the biggest rumours about herself that she has had to contend with are the one that accused her of being married before and another that wrongly proclaimed her a lesbian
  • She remains forever grateful to her parents for giving her an education
  • Besides acting, she also has a couple of businesses by the side
  • Chelsea Eze considers herself an indoor person
  • Her fashion style is simple, elegant and chic
  • Apart from Emem Isong, two people that really gave her career a push were Vivian Ejike and Genevieve Nnaji. “Genevieve took her time to pretty much give me a crash course about things I’m supposed to do, helping me interpret my roles.”
  • Chelsea Eze strives to get to a point when where there is a conversation about the movie industry; her name resonates through the conversation
  • She loves reading and travelling
  • She has been told more times than she can remember that she acts older than her age
  • Chelsea Eze likes her own space
  • Her role models on the Nigerian movie scene are Genevieve Nnaji, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Kate Henshaw, Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde and Bimbo Akintola
  • Her favourite actress of all time is Natalie Portman
  • Sometimes, she gets very emotional when she gets personalised messages from fans who appreciate her works; so much that she’s feels a strong urge to cry

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