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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fans point at Maheeda's beauty, raunchy trademark

With enough controversies to last her a lifetime, Maheeda has once again become a subject of discussion and this happened on her Twitter Timeline where fans pointed out where her true beauty lies.

Onyinye, a fan recently took the bull by the horn and sent the singer a frank line straight off her thoughts, "Maheeda, you actually look prettier with your clothes on. Why can't you always be like this dear?"

Still on the issue of Maheeda's penchant for nudity, another fan reacted to Onyinye's message to the singer. "abi oo. But it’s all good sha! Such daring a lady..."

Oyinye wrapped up her message with emphasis on Maheeda's beauty and left other fans pondering over Maheeda's preferences.

“It’s good to be daring once in a while. She's very pretty which makes it even more confusing."

Interestingly, the entire episode was ignited when Maheeda recently posted an image on her Twitter timeline where she appeared casually clad in a white fitting pant, a short-sleeved blouse and left the line, "Handle it yo!”

Taking a more sarcastic tone, Edmund, a male fan said, "Wait, so you own cloths? Wow, wanted to open an NGO to help sponsor your wardrobe, probably clothe it... Just saying..."

As expected, her fans with raunchy appetite rose to the occasion and one who captured the mental permutation of many others was a fan whose name has been withheld for its offensive content said, "Maheeda we have seen your ass and everything. Show is the real thing please. Why are you starving us?"

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