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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nollywood Actress, Mimi Orjiekwe Shares Her Most Ridiculous Controversy (+4 Photos)

Nollywood actress, Mimi Orjiekwe has had her fair share of exiting and ugly moments in the Nigerian movie industry but she has refused to rest on her oars as she constantly takes long strides towards becoming one of Africa’s most sought after actresses.

In this piece, we will string together, the facts and other interesting details in the life of this stunning actress as well as things you probably never knew about her.

•Her real name is Miram Ifunanya Orjiekwe
•She was born in Nigeria
•In addition to being an actress, she is also a model, scriptwriter and presenter
•She was born on July 14, 1987
•Mimi is a Christian
•She was raised in the city of Enugu
•Mimi graduated from Caritas University; a private institution situated in Enugu where she studied Business Administration
•She is 5 ft 11 inches tall
•Mimi was deemed the most favoured up and coming actress in Nollywood in 2009 by the International African Ambassadors during the Miss African Queen 2009, held at Nike lake resort, Enugu Nigeria.
•She won the Focus Face of the Year Award and received several nominations in 2008/2009/2010/2011
•In Abuja, Mimi also joined the family business, (Lumokin Enterprise), holding the positing of the CEO/MD
•She secured a lead role in the Nigeria action, television series, ‘The Undergraduate’
•She produced her first movie in 2011
•Mimi was the anchor of the World Miss University contest for 10 straight years
•Within a year of returning to the Nigerian movie industry after a break, Mimi was cast in over 31 movies
•The name Mimi was derived from her name Miram
•She is her parent’s only daughter
•Mimi has two brothers
•During her days as an undergraduate, she was crowned Miss African Queen
•During her days in the orientation of the National Youth Service Corps, she officially emerged Miss Camp in Abuja
•In the first movie she was cast in, she played the lead role with Nollywood actress Oge Okoye
•She gave the credit for securing her first acting role to Nollywood director, Nonso Ekene Okonkwo
•Mimi was ‘killed’ in her first movie by Oge Okoye and she subsequently appeared as a spirit in the movie
•The title of her first movie was ‘The Moonlight Girl’
•She also shared the same set with Mercy Johnson in her first movie
•Mimi received a lot of support from the more experienced actors and actresses she worked with on her first acting job
•She was also cast in the movie ‘Royal Magne’
•Mimi once openly admitted that when Nollywood director, Okonkwo “tried to exploit the opportunity he gave” her, she left him and suddenly ceased acting. “He tried to sign me into a contract. The agreement and the whole write-up were not good. He wanted to sign me into working with him alone and he would be taking 40 per cent of the money I make from any movie. That was the reason I left the industry. I left for Abuja for my NYSC and after that, I served with NAFDAC. I later started producing my own movies.”
•Before her relationship with Okonkwo went sour, Mimi affirmed that he used to be good to her. “When I met him, he became a family friend. My mum loved him because of the opportunity he gave me. He was always in my family house and my mum used to tell him to take care of me because I’m the only daughter...”
•The actress believes she has been able to handle the pangs of controversies
•She has removed nude scene from the list of acting jobs she’s open to. “No I won’t. I don’t need to do nude scenes. Semi Nude is okay. After all when I go to the beach I wear my bikini. I’ve even done that in various movies.
•Her mum supported her acting aspirations while her dad never gave his 100 per cent blessing
•Mimi averred that her mum’s only worry when she began acting was that it had the potential to hinder her chances of finding a man to marry and make a home with
•Her dad eventually gave his blessing but went over the edge the day he saw her kissing in a movie scene
•She found her way back into Nollywood through Nigerian movie director, Charles Okafor. She met him on a flight from Abuja, introduced herself to him and he invited her for an audition in Surulere in Lagos. “Getting there, he gave me a script for the movie he was working on just like that. After a two-year break from the industry, he was the one who gave me an opportunity again.”
•Would Mimi have sex with a film maker or director to secure a role? She made it clear that she has never had to deal with such an awkward situation since she began acting. I’ve heard that some actresses have been victims but no, not me. I’ve met a lot of producers and some of them have told me how much they like me. But it’s all about how you handle it. If you don’t act like they owe you, they back off. You either take their jobs or you decline. But when you act like you are desperate, that’s when you fall victim.”
•Mimi believes movie directors get drawn to her because of her charisma and aura
•She returned to Nollywood in May 2012
•She once worked on a movie with Pete Edochie and Kenneth Okonkwo
•In addition to Oge Okoye, Mercy Johnson, Pete Edochie and Kenneth Okonkwo, Mimi has also worked with Liz Benson, Ngozi Ezeonu, Jim Iyke and many others
•She expects her ideal man to be smart, focused, tall, and God-fearing.
•Mimi believes Nollywood needs money, good equipment and good directors to get better results
•She considers herself very versatile when it comes to acting and interpreting roles. “I’m also cool at doing romantic scenes because I’m a very creative person and I smile a lot.”
•Mimi holds the opinion that being known for a particular role has the potential to kill an actor/actress’ acting career
•She narrows her most ridiculous controversy to that of a girl who accused the actress of owing her money. “She was a ‘nobody’ who just wanted to use controversy to get up there. She is an up and coming actress and all she said were lies. Of course I have been rumoured to have dated somebody that I never dated before. I don’t want to mention names because it’s all in the past now. I don’t feel I owe anybody any explanation.”
•Mimi considers love a sensation; “a feeling or emotions that you have for someone; something that tickles or excites you about that particular person”
•Describing her perception of sexual intercourse, Mimi said, “Sex is something you want to experience with someone special. Sex is sweet and exciting if you are in love with that person. If you are making love to someone you love, it’s a great feeling. It’s something you never get tired of. I can’t have sex with someone I don’t like. I’m a very emotional person. Love is something that excites you and you want to be with that person all the time; love is a continuous attraction.”
•Her mum is her role model and she once explained why she chose mum. “She’s very hard working and a strong woman. I’m like my mother”
•She gets quite a hefty amount of love advances from men and takes it in good stride without holding any grudge again men who admire her intimately. “It feels good when you see different men telling you how much they like you and stuffs like that. I just smile and decline in a in a very polite way. You can’t be rude to such people, especially on Facebook and other social media sites because it’s what you signed up for the day you chose to become an actress and so you have to deal with it.”

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