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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Evia Simon’s Curves and Hefty Ass: A Blessing or a Burden? [+5Photos]

As a little girl, Evia Simon enjoyed the kind of attention every little girl enjoys; the type riddled with fun and a truckload of excitement but from the moment she crossed the line of adolescence, everything changed especially her friends and the brand of attention she now enjoys.

Today, Simon has cut her teeth as a Nollywood actress and finds herself moving from one movie location to another and mingling with other actors and prominent showbiz personalities.

There are a number of exciting things about this actress that has earned her a growing population of fans and admirers but one that visibly stands out is her physique.

In this piece, we will take a look at how much of a blessing or burden as the case may be her sexually provocative curves and heavily built backside have proven to be in the course of her career and everyday interaction with strangers, friends and associates.

We will also peep into hard facts in the life of this actress as well as other exciting moments and individuals in her life.

  • Evia is a stage name.
  • Her real name is Eveshoyan Simon
  • She hails from Edo State
  • Evia Simon is from a family of six
  • She is technically an orphan as her parents are late
  • She has one sister and two brothers
  • She was born in Kano
  • She had her primary education in Kano
  • Evia Simon had her secondary education in Kogi State
  • She attended Lokoja Polytechnic
  • Some of the movies she has been cast in include ‘Men in Bondage,’ Stubborn Generals,’ ‘Three Generals,’ ‘Regent of Kings,’ ‘Prince Apart,’ ‘Bless the Kingn,’ ‘Ifunanya,’ ‘Dirty Princess,’ ‘Girls Cot,’ ‘When Love Dies’ and several others.
  • She once admitted that men often misbehave when they spot her; a reaction she finds annoying. “I find their reaction annoying sometimes and embarrassing. Some even go as far as screaming and they let me know I am the reason they are screaming.”
  • She began acting in 2007 but officially pegs the year at 2010
  • She kicked off her acting career with local movies in Kogi State
  • The actress became an official member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria in 2010
  • Evia Simon once shared a story of how a guy once park his car in the middle of the road and hopped into the same cab with her just to be able to communicate with her.
  • She believes in the concept of love
  • In the doctrine of love, Evia Simon believes money should never take precedence over genuine love. “I am not the type of girl who is only interested in a guy’s money. Love comes first,” she had said
  • Her backside has been a consistent source of embarrassment to her
  • As weird as this might sound, she also gets embarrassed by women who consider her bum an object of fascination
  • She is based in Abuja
  • Her inspiration to act came from watching movies when she was 14 years old
  • Her original dream was to become a celebrity singer
  • One of the reasons he threw in the towel on singing was because she found it tough to perfect
  • In preparing for her acting career, she began by mimicking some of the actors and actresses she watched on screen
  • The dice of her career was cast the day her friend introduced her to a producer who chose Kogi State as a location
  • Evia Simon’s first movie as an actress also had late Sam Lolo and Rita Edochie in it
  • Her first role was a spoilt girl from UK
  • She cannot accept a role with a sex scene and has no plans to go nude before the camera
  • The farthest she can go when it comes to showing skin in a movie is wearing a bra and a pant. “I can’t even wear a G-string in a movie. I can’t even wear pant in a movie. I can wear a bra but nudity, I can’t do that.”
  • She appreciates it when fans separate her roles in movies from her personality in the real world
  • She loves sexy and skimpy clothes
  • For some reason, Evia Simon believes she has not had the opportunity to really showcase her talent
  • On the theory of beauty, she holds the notion that no matter how beautiful or sexy a woman is, there are lots of people out there who are more beautiful and sexier
  • Are you one of those wondering if she has ever had an experience where her backside put her in a very awkward situation, well, the answer is yes! “Girls come after me to see whether my ass is real or padded? I’ve walked into a market before and a girl followed me. You know markets are very choked up so she just followed me in and tapped my ass just to know. You know what I did to her? I ran after her, took hold of her hand, dragged it towards my butt and said, ‘feel it very well. It is not padded.’ She burst out laughing because that was her aim. She wanted to know if it was padded. I’ve had much harassment on the streets. People embarrass me a lot because of my big ass.”
  • To express how she really feels, deep down, about her butt, Evia Simon said, “My ass gives me undue attention and even to me... At times I don’t just feel happy about it... I know that I’m passing through hell daily. Even girls get funny about it sometimes.
  • Due to the sheer size of her backside, she has overtime, developed a lingering suspicion of every single male admirer. “It is difficult to find anyone who really likes or loves me because I feel every man that comes around wants to just come and have a feel (of my buttocks) and then move ahead. It is very difficult. It’s not that there are no good men out there, there are lots of good men but how do you know them when everybody that comes has my ass on his mind. All I hear is “Babe, your ass is massive” but you don’t know what’s in their mind. You don’t know what their mindset is towards you. I don’t know who likes me. I don’t know who just wants to play around with me and go. Seriously, it’s not easy but I’m trying my best.”
  • She admired men with a shiny black complexion
  • Evia Simon likes a man who is very smart, huge, hardworking, tall, caring, God-fearing and a good listener.
  • She holds the opinion that lesbianism is in but not limited to Nollywood
  • She does not eat much
  • Most of what she eats are carbohydrates and fruits
  • To maintain her sexy physique, she exercises despite not being too consistent with it. “Like this morning, I woke up, I did some exercises, I did sit-ups but most times, I don’t do it because I feel very lazy. I’m very flexible when it comes to exercise but I find it difficult because of laziness. Sometimes, I might devote time for like a month and sometimes, I just stop.”

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