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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Just For Laughs - Tataafo, Okey Bakassi, Chidid Mokeme and Klint the Drunk

The Benin Girl Friend
My guy once tried to break-up with his Benin girlfriend on phone, then a bird flew into his house and changed to her. They are now happily married.
- Okey Bakassi
Some people are the cause of their unemployment. How can Ur CV be 24 pages? If the Manager wants to read a newspaper, won't he buy Daily Newswatch or National Mirror?
- Okey Bakassi

Desperate Blackberry users
Blackberry users don't even care where they charge their phones. They will be at a funeral, using the socket close to the casket.
- Okey Bakassi

The Eba and soup formula
If your Soup always finishes before your Eba, you can never be a great manager
- Chidi Mokeme 2014

Minister of Power
Every Nigerian has the right to address himself as the 'Minister of Power' because we all seem to be providing power for ourselves.
- Tataafo

Romantic gesture
Some guys hold their girlfriend's hand at the mall because if they leave her hand, she would start shopping... It looks romantic but it's economic
- Tataafo

Don't fail WAEC
When you fail WAEC, you can't even touch the remote without irritating your parents. Even to slice bread, they'll say you are making noise.
- Okey Bakassi

When girls paint their nails
N5000 to paint nails?? How much do painters charge to paint room and parlour? Girls of nowadays don't fear God at all.
- Okey Bakassi

How many people are you dating?
My sisters in the lord, if your boyfriend can finish 5 loafs of bread and 2 fishes; my sister, you are dating 5000 people
- Klint the Drunk

Nigeria was once safe
Nigeria used to be a safe place until all these Aboki started making bombs instead of Suya!
- Klint the Drunk

Definition of Gobe!
'Gobe' is when you abuse a conductor and he says nothing; then he asks for his money then you suddenly notice you misplaced your wallet. Sister, the Lord is your strength
- Klint the Drunk

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