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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Fans Bash Comedian Princess Over Failed Marriage, Urge Her to Move On

Princess, chubby Nigerian comedian whose marriage crashed two weeks after her May 2013 wedding in Lagos recently revealed how the media played a very integral role in the crash of her marriage adding that her marriage also suffered from irreconcilable differences.

It was on this premise that verbal assaults kicked off from fans, critics and those who maintained a state of prolonged neutrality.

Speaking on YNaija's 'Rubbin Minds,' on her failed marriage, Princess (born Princess Oluwadamilola Adekoya) had said, "It's like a mystery. It was based on the fact that individual differences came up and after the two weeks when the marriage ended, I didn't think it was something of joy for me to start announcing to everyone. My family and the guy's family believed that we could all make it work so we started trying to see how... and then I think around July, things came back, wasn't too smooth but we were determined to make it work and that is the most important thing but when everything finally ended, it was really very painful and all that but I didn't tell anybody.

“So December 26, I decided to let the cat out of the bag. You know I was facing so many things you know...I was pregnant twice in a year according to some bloggers. So all I said was... It was a joke... It was meant to let the story land softly... 'The marriage has ended' ...and I started seeing people pressing their phones... People were saying so many things on the day of the wedding. I didn't know but on our honeymoon, someone directed us to the internet and that was where most of the problems started - things about me - things about the guy and there is so much pressure that each person can take. I was like 'common people write stuff' but the guy was like, 'are you kidding me?' The marriage ended due to irreconcilable differences but then the negative media contributed to it," she said.

A fan, who chose to hide behind the wall of anonymity hailed Princess' boldness and wished her well. "Yes, I watched the episode on Ebuka's Rubbin Minds and Channels TV. Princess was very blunt on the show. It is well - Amen!"
Speaking on the duration of their courtship, Princess said, "I have seen people date for 10 years and then the marriage didn't go far and I have seen people date for one month and the marriage went far. So that's why I keep saying I don't think there is anybody that wants to get married with the intention of saying let this marriage fail."

While some were direct and somewhat harsh in their criticism, a few others hurled rhetorical shots at her.
"What else contributed to the failure outside negative media," asked another anonymous source.
Below are some other reactions to Princess' explanation on why her marriage crashed:

Helle Russel:
"Hmmmn! Again? Must Princess always explain to us better why her marriage crashed? Guess she is yet to get over it. Not easy but life goes on dear."

"Stop sharing blames here and there. If you want him back, which I'm sure you do, call him or ask any of his fAmily members of his new address. 'Abeg let us hear word'."

"This woman should move on with her life and stop clinging to a dead marriage. If she is still in love with her husband, then she should go and look for him, and they can then reconcile. Stop giving us super story!"

Whose fault is it? So outsiders ruined ur marriage, very funny! There is something you are not telling us or are trying to tell us."

Hilary Obiorah:
Lame excuse! What? Is she the Nigerian Kim Kardashian? You can't blame the media for the break up of your relationship especially in Nigeria. What would she do if she lived in the state where the media is as intrusive as a stalker! If as a celebrity, your marriage can't survive the Nigerian media, then your marriage wasn't meant to be!

"Princess, just take heart. Nothing like the media is responsible for the break up. Your ex husband is not man enough and that's it. Leave the media out of it please. Your constant writing about your marriage is annoying. Let it go and move on. Moreover, he is too young for you. Take care."

If both of you had taken the time to understand each other very well and not just dating for few months or few days as the case maybe instead of just jumping into marriage, not even the media could have broken your marriage. Take a cue from the likes of Omotola, my darling Annie Idibia, Chioma Chukwuka, Joke Silvia etc. These people sure don't have it rosy all the time in their marriages but because each couple understand themselves very well, they were able to weather the storm. My advise to you Princess is, the deed has been done. There's no need crying over spilled milk. Leave bloggers alone and move on. The bedrock of a marriage lies on both parties."

“The same media that made you famous and rich?"

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