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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Instagram’s Richest Kid, Param Sharma, Jailed for Stealing iPhone

Param Sharma, who gained online fame as 'Instagram's richest kid' and made a name for himself by posting pictures of himself flaunting cash and multiple iPhones has landed on the wrong side of the law for selling a stolen iPhone online and has been jailed for 90 days.

Sharma, 18, has also suffered the misfortune of spending some of his 90-day sentence in a psychiatric ward as a result of some bureaucratic confusion.

His biggest offence according to the prosecution was failing to make a reasonable effort to find the owner of the phone, an act that constituted a misdemeanour. Unable to cover his $30,000 bond, the show off kid has remained behind bars at the Santa Rita jail.

Police said the phone was stolen. Sharma charged with a misdemeanour crime of failure to make a reasonable effort to find the owner of the phone.

Sharma and his attorney Andrew Shalaby claim Sharma was simply selling the phone for a friend who was unable to do it himself.

Shalaby also said his client is the first person ever convicted of the obscure charge in the state of California and that the bond set does not match the low-level crime.

'The police knew him and were unhappy with his social media accounts. $30,000 bail is not something that could be done for these charges,' Sharma’s attorney told Buzzfeed.

By some bureaucratic mishap, Sharma had the misfortune of spending some of his sentence in a high-security psych ward.

"He's in block F, according to the sergeant. Here, the worst of the worst in the section of a psych ward,' Shalaby told KGO. 'Somebody tried to kill him and I was really, really upset.'

After two weeks, Sharma was returned to a normal jail cell.

Shalaby has filed an appeal on behalf of his client, who he tells Buzzfeed could see his release any day now.
Lavish P, as he's known, allegedly from the San Francisco Bay Area, became an internet celebrity after his Instagram feed went viral around the web.

Lavish flaunts his wealth in a number of ways, including doing 'cash givaways' and tying wads of cash to a balloon before watching it disappear in the sky.
He also claims only to go to the bathroom if the toilet is filled with sparkling water, which he allegedly also uses to wash his hands.

Although most people keep their money in the bank and pay by card, Lavish is a big fan of cash.
When he is not busy giving it away on Instagram he posts pictures where he bites it, uses it as a pretend phone, or 'bathes' in it.

However not everyone is buying what Lavish is selling. Since his extreme displays of wealth hit the internet he has been accused of being everything from an arts project to a successful internet troll.

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