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Friday, October 03, 2014

JUST FOR LAUGHS: Compilation of Jokes

The economy is bad
You will agree the economy is bad when thieves visit your house, sit down, make Eba, warm your soup, eat, then steal your remaining Kerosene
- Klint the Drunk
The Rhetorical Slap
A Rhetorical Slap is the one that after you receive it, you start asking questions that you do not need a reply for - Questions like, "Paul, you slapped me?"
- Tataafo

How long have you been dating?
You have been dating him for 8years and now you are showing him Tiwa savage's engagement video to remind him? My dear, it will surprise you
- Tataafo

Failed marriages
Marriages be lasting less than 2 years now. From now anyone who brings Asoebi over N4, 000 for me will sign agreement. Divorce and refund my cash.
- Tataafo

A baby's laughter
A baby's laughter is the sweetest sound you'll ever hear. Unless it's 2am. And you're in Benin. And you're home alone. And you don't have a baby.
- Tataafo

What is confusion?
Confusion is when you go and steal meat from the pot, and you forget whether the spoon was on top or inside the pot.
- Okey Bakassi

How old is your sugar daddy?
You are 18 years, your sugar daddy is 70 years old, and you call him 'Baby'. My sister, he should be your ancestor.
- Okey Bakassi

The Relationship
Girlfriend: You've never smiled at me since we started dating.. OSUOFIAA: I thought u said u wanted a serious relationship
- Nkem Owoh

Former Job
My Boss: "Why did you leave your last job." Akpos: "The company relocated and didn't tell me where."
- Anonymous

I ran when one UNILAG girl told me that she was posted to UK for her National Youth Service Corps
- Anonymous

The Pupil
Teacher: Combine a sentence with d words Green, Yellow and Pink.
Akpos: Every time I hear the phone ring Green, Green, I Pink it up and say Yellow
- Anonymous

Bad Memory
Mr. A: My memory is so bad
Mr. B: How bad is it?
Mr. A: How bad is what?
- Anonymous

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