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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Marvel Reveals Wolverine Will Die in October

Marvel recently revealed that on October 8 (yesterday), it would extinguish the life of one of its favourite heroes, Wolverine, the hairy, Canadian bundle of muscle with the claws by killing him.

His death will happen just in time for New York Comic-Con; when the comic book 'The Death of Wolverine' wraps up.

There might be some questions as to why Marvel would want to kill one of its most popular characters and the face of the X-Men franchise and there may be some queries as to how one kills someone who's immortal. In Wolverine's solo series, writer Paul Cornell has written an arc in which Wolverine gets infected with an alien virus and loses his healing factor as a result. The loss of his mutant ability has been woven into the character's many comic book appearances.

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