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Friday, 19 December 2014

M.I explains How He Avoids Sex With female fans, Hails Nigerian Girls

Multi award-winning rapper and Chocolate City artiste, M.I has shared his strategy of avoiding the sexual advances of female fans who might be tempted to embrace extreme measures especially when he's in a very vulnerable situation.

In a recent interview with a soft sell magazine, M.I said:

"Let me first say this, Nigerian girls are more decent. I tell you why? Fans in other countries go out of their ways for celebrities to sleep with them. But our girls are very decent. However, what I try to do in most cases is to stay in my hotel room anytime I go to event. That means, if you don’t want to, nobody would force you. I show my female fans a lot of respect. The love I have for them is not sexual. It is an appreciative love. The contact can now become sexual the more you communicate. The best thing is when they show you love, show them love; when they bless you, you bless them; when they greet you, you greet them; and you part ways. I think that’s the best way,” he affirmed.

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