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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Funke Akindele: Globacom Must Not See This!

Following the recent unveiling of Funke Akindele's fresh 21 photos of herself, we find the need to urge the actress to tread carefully and to always take strong cognizance of her status as a brand ambassador at all times.

Our advice for the actress comes on the heel of two of the images included in the 21 images she shared with fans earlier where she sported a yellow coloured blouse.

Ordinarily, there's nothing wrong with wearing yellow but coincidentally, yellow depicts the brand colour of a rival brand to Globacom; where Akindele presently remains one of its official brand faces.

Like we said earlier, yellow should naturally be a harmless colour but given the sensitivity of her status as a brand ambassador, we expect Akindele to always bear this in mind when she picks what to wear, what to drive, which events to attend, where she stands to have her pictures taken, who to endorse publicly and many others especially in public glare - emphasis on 'public glare.'

Records have shown that formidable brands like Globacom and many others around the world take their branding and everything that has to do with it very seriously, which even explains why they endorse celebrities as brand ambassadors in the first place.

It would be sad to come across a news item, which reads: 'Funke Akindele dropped by Globacom over breach of contract' or something closely related to this.

Please note that we are not asking Akindele not to wear red, yellow or any other colour that strikes her fancy but Simply SAMAD simply feels the need to draw her attention to this or do we say remind her of things she needs to pay more attention to as her career progresses.

For emphasis, we repeat the submission that to wear a yellow dress is not a crime but for Akindele to wear a yellow dress could hold grave consequences especially if seen by an eye that considers it a blow on its brand reputation.

Jenifa, as she is often called might have made a dying and final attempt to rescue the situation by flipping a dash of Globacom's official shade of 'green' into the her total visual package; a bracelet, a wristwatch or any other fashion accessory but nay! She failed to do this and secured for herself, an F9 on this note.'
For a more realistic reference, Akindele might want to ask talented singer, singer Omawumi why she failed to feature Wizkid in the video of her brilliant song, 'Warm Yourself' despite not having any personal fight or grudge with 'Starboy' Here's why - Omawumi had recorded and released the song, 'Warm Yourself,' with Wizkid but chose not to feature him in her video (allegedly) because of Wizkid’s deal with MTN while Omawumi is a brand ambassador of Glo.

In 2012, Brazilian soccer star, Ronaldinho was dropped by Coca Cola. His crime? He had been invited to a press conference, which he attended as scheduled. However, the Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho committed a cardinal marketing sin at a press conference when he was seen beside two cans of competitor Pepsi.
The error cost the 32-year-old a cool £500,000 a year after Coca Cola decided it had no choice but to terminate the contract, which was due to run until 2014.

As the Nigerian elders have been known to say, a word is enough for the wise. Tread carefully Akindele as Simply SAMAD wishes you the very best

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