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Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Nigerian Dream: Untold Story of Olajumoke Alao-Sanusi

A Nigerian bride wearing Fix U makeup during her traditional wedding
Without a father to turn to for help, wisdom and guidance, her eyes welled up with tears all over again as she mentally weighed the glaring options before her - Should she strive to become a student of a Nigerian university; but who would pay her tuition… or should she just hit the streets of Lagos and resume her fruitless search for a job?

Just when all hope seemed lost with no one to turn to for help, Olajumoke Alao-Sanusi let the tears flow; she sobbed not because she did not have money; not because death had snatched her father away many years ago; not because she was the eldest amongst her siblings yet without a job or a degree; not because she had applied for 15 jobs in the past two months yet remained jobless; not because her bank account balance was N236; not because most who had offered to help her desired carnal compensation but because all these were true and she was genuinely drained.

As she sat on the yellow-coloured plastic stool within her aunt's home in Lagos, she considered listening to the dark and demented voices that crept into her mind with whispers of immorality but she wiped another wave of tears off her face and said to herself: "No... Dear God, I just want to be happy. I want to have a life for myself. I really need your help. I cannot do this alone... Please..." just as more tears pooled in her eyes.

It was 4am... She wanted to stop crying... It would not solve her problems; a cold and hard truth.

She knew she had to be strong; not just for herself but for her siblings and her mum who resided in Ogun State at the time.

She tried to think of what she could do and then it slowly came to her like a rising sun after a very long and turbulent night; she had to throw a portion of her life into something she was really passionate about yet lucrative.

Make Up brushes

Makeup colours

Of the many things she really liked, she truly loved colours and brushes a great deal and for the months that followed, Olajumoke opened up her mind to reading, studying, viewing and seeking knowledge towards becoming a professional makeup artist.

Today, Olajumoke is a graduate of History and International Relations, is happily married, is the CEO of 'Fix U Beauty Concept,' no longer cries at 4am and has become the voice and mind behind several success stories of Nigerian makeover brands.

CEO, Fix U Beauty Concept, Olajumoke Alao-Sanusi
 Her wealth of experience and skill has seen her teach several young Nigerians to become professional makeover artists, beauty and skincare experts and beauty-based consultants.

As she has done over the years, she has once again opened her doors to Nigerians and other men and women who seek a career in professional makeover, basic skincare, bridal makeover, contouring and highlighting, Gele tying, photography makeup, fashion makeup and much more.

On August 17, 2015, Fix U Beauty Concept will kick-off another 4-week training course in Lagos.

For enquiries, contact 08033534157 or 09097002260 | BB pin: 5613A809 or e-mail

It's your future... Take the driver's seat.

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