Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Marriage Proposal (A short story + N3,000 airtime)

Once upon a time in Lagos, Bayo and a pretty lady named Agnes were having dinner on a Saturday evening. Bayo was wearing a blue T-shirt, a blue pair of jeans and black Adidas sneakers. Agnes was in a beautiful black gown and smelt like freshly plucked grapes on a cold morning.

Bayo took a look at her as he swallowed the spicy chicken he had been chewing and said:

"Baby, I love you so much and I have something very special to tell you."

He got up went on one knee, dipped his hand in his back pocket and out came a little square shaped object in his hand.

He flipped it open, gently removed a ring from the open box and said:

"Sweetheart, would you marry me?"

[Pause Story]

Dear reader, what did Agnes do?

Let's play a game.

The rule of this game is simple. Simply tell us what happens next by picking from the list of possible scenarios below and you stand a chance of winning N3,000 airtime for any mobile provider of your choice at the end of the month.

The first person to get the answer right wins.

To participate, type your answer and email address (to enable us reach you if you win) in the comment box below. The winner will be contacted on Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

1. You are limited to one entry per participant.
2. Anonymous entries will be disqualified

Best of luck... Pick from the possible scenarios below to guess what happens next.

A. She starts crying
B. She put her hands over her face and screams
C. She screams until she loses her voice
D. She slaps him
E. She gets up and dashes into the restroom
F. She throws her cutlery at him
G. Her phone begins to ring
H. She tells him she is pregnant for another man
I. She stops eating and gets up
J. She chokes on the food and is no longer able to breath
K. Her boyfriend arrives

[Story Resumes]

Agnes gets up from her seat and suddenly slaps Bayo... Then she says:

"I have waited more than nine years. I have prayed, fasted, sowed seeds, bought books and listened to tapes; even went out of my way to be nice to every male species of 'marriageable' age! I took up new hobbies; watching football and playing Sony Play Station. I left Ojodu; went to Aguda. From Aguda, I went to Lekki. After one year, I moved to Surulere then I went all the way to Ikorodu. I joined Twitter; from Twitter to Facebook, then I joined Snapchat and Instagram. I even had a blog on which I ranted, hoping you would show up! For where? I uploaded only my best pictures on Facebook. In fact, I took photo sessions to look my best; all for you! I attended all the weddings; whether the invitation was direct or indirect! The next place I was hoping to check was the moon, before you crawled out from the house directly next to mine! So it was you all this while? The neighbour I said "hello" to every morning? Were you trying to destroy my faith? You almost rendered my prayer life useless? What were you waiting for? What sign were you looking for? Did you want to kill me before you revealed yourself? Now be a gentleman, get down on your knees and put that ring on my finger."

Bayo, totally stunned, replied:

"I was only joking!"

Bayo's burial is on Sunday.

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  1. Her phone begins to ring -

  2. She tells him she is pregnant for another man -

  3. Her boyfriend arrives.

  4. She stops eating and gets up

  5. She put her hands over her face and screams.

  6. Option.B: sheputs her hands over her face and screams.

  7. K. Her boyfriend arrives.

  8. B- She puts her hand over her face and screams!

  9. B- She puts her hand over her face and screams

  10. Her boyfriend

  11. Who is Zulu? If you tell me who Zulu is I will know the answer to your question.I will still choose her boyfriend arrives though (Because you want me to pick one o!) If not I will wait until you tell me who Zulu is.

  12. G - Her phone begins to ring.

  13. B. She put her hands over her face and screams
    Email :

  14. B. She put her hands over her face and screams


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