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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Just One Seed

A man finds himself with a beautiful wife but Without a job. His wife can see what's going on and decides to follow what her heart tells her...

Once upon a time, there was a man who did not make it to university. His mother was aware of the challenges he was going through so she went out of her way to make it easy for him to get a wife. She actually got him a wife she felt he would be happy with.

After the marriage, he got a job as a teacher in a primary school. Due to the lack of experience, he was squashed by the students in less than a week.

When he returned home, his wife dried his tears. She comforted him with these words:

"You should not be too sad about it. I am more than certain that there is a more suitable job waiting for you out there. All of this must be happening for a reason."

After a couple of months, he found another job but the job did not last - He was fired due to what his employers called his sluggish nature.

When he told his wife later that night, she was sad but she did not say anything negative about her husband. Instead, she said:

"There are always people who are skilful and there are those who are not so skilled. Some have experience from their years of work while some do not have a lot of experience. As for you, you were in school all this while. So, how could you acquire these needed skills?"

As weeks turned into months, he went for a number of jobs but never stayed long on these jobs. Each time, he would return home with a dejected spirit. His wife would always comfort him and never for once was she disappointed or resentful.

He was in his 30s when he suddenly acquired a flair for languages. He became a counsellor in a school for the deaf and mute. Later on, he opened a school for the disabled. A few years later, he set up chain stores in different cities and provinces selling apparatus & equipment for the disabled. He eventually became a multi-millionaire. He was John Doe!

One day, he asked his wife:

"When I had very little faith and hope in my own future, what was the reason that you had so much faith in me?"

His wife looked at him lovingly and gave him a very simple reply. She said:

"When a piece of land is not suitable for planting wheat, we could try planting beans. If the beans are not growing well, we could try planting fruits or gourds. If the vegetation is not economical, we can instead scatter buckwheat seeds. These seeds will one day bloom into flowers. On this land itself, there will be one seed that will germinate and grow."

After having listened to his wife's explanation, he cried like a little child. His wife's faith, love, patience, and persistence in him was precisely like that one seed that was destined to germinate.

His wife added: "In this world, there's no one person who is useless. It is just that they have not positioned themselves firmly in right place."

He kissed her tenderly and thanked her for standing firmly by his side all through the trying phase of his life.

Has your special seed germinated or are you still hoping and waiting for that right seed to be set free?

Author: Unknown

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